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mod_NoobMod by Crafting_lord1, MCreator

Adds Noobs and a buch of other cool stuff!

mod_NuclearMoonMod by JoaquĆ­n Luz, MCreator


mod_NyanCraft by XLSgamer, MCreator

This mod adds many things related to nyan cat, from ores to a new dimension


Adds a dimension made of obsidian!

mod_ObsidianPlus by Matojeje, Mr. Rasu

Pro Adama, velice aktivniho pri vyvoji tohoto modu.

mod_ObsidianStuffMod by, MCreator

Fixed and fun!

mod_OrePlus by Balla, MCreator

mod_Oredimensions by The_kurta3

mod_OreoMod by donJOE2000, MCreator

Oreos and Chocolate.

mod_OresPlus by Detuit, MCreator

Added Pickaxes, ruby and quick crafting table!!!

mod_Others by Phuck_Yu_Too, TheDarkKnight

This is an extension os the SCPCraft mod used for keybounds, entity renders and other stuff. The content of this mod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License which can be read here: The atuhors of the SCPs can be found here: