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Mine & Blade: Smith

Alows the use of an anvil. The anvil alows you to repair items without loosing enchantments

Mine Addons by IamShift

A mod that adds extras to minecraft.

Mine Fantasy by AnonymousProductions

MineFantasy aims to change Minecrafts gameplay to a more detailed build. Creating a range of newer processes to gain better tiers. from tanning to refining. It also adds more monsters and various items and changes to give gameplay more difficulty

Mine Labs by Don't worry about it., MCreator

Enter short description here

Mine Little Brony by Teotoo, Others - see MCForum thread.

Adds more pony to Minecraft! Lots of art by other people, lots of ideas by other people too. See the MinecraftForums for the full credits list.

Mine Ores

New ores. New tools. New arms.

Mine Through by tommy__123__

Allows players on different networks to play together without a server or port forwarding.

Mine Trading Cards by TeamWar

Collect and trade cards, nothing more.

Mine Ward by noung

this mod is ward for see at position only.