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MMEP by Dave40K

Mighty Muffin Expansion Pack


Extension for the MMM.


MMM's Library.

MMORPG MOD by robertx22

MMORPG for singleplayer

MMP by MC_PixelHD & BigHead98

This mod is still a work in progress :)


This is an example mod

MNU by abecderic

High-tech power generation

MOAR Stone Tools by Porkchop

Tools made of (MOAR) stone.

MOAT by SupGamer NL, MCreator

This mod adds tons of new things, new ores, blocks, amrour, tools and weapons! Even some food items, isn't that great?! In the latest version of the mod I've changed some things about the armour hitpoints and the swords, it's all balanced out now!


official group


This is an example mod


MODPACK2 By JacketCh