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More Mallets by Team Whammich

More mallets for Roadblocks

More Maps by Draco18s

Adds several map types that do neat things.

More Material Blocks by Kerberos


More Materials

Adds tons of new building materials for all your architectural needs!

More Metal Mod

This mod adds a smorgasbord of new tools, items, and blocks to your Minecraft world including: New metal ores and blocks, New metal ingots and alloys, and finally four new sets of armor and tools!

More Minecraft! by SwordsMiner, GotoLink

More Mod Scripts by Dr_Schnauzer

More Mystcraft by TheFloydman

Misc changes and additions to Mystcraft.

More Mystcraft Decays by Draco18s

Adds several new decay blocks and environmental effects for Mystcraft 0.10.4

More Nature

Adds new sorts of life to Minecraft.

More Nether Ores by GoodMiner

This mod adds new ores and block in the Nether with more tools and materials.

worldgen tools survival

More Nether Ores by GoodMiner

This mod give you more ores in the Nether

More Of Everything 2 by Bfox1

A Mod that adds will add a little more of everything.

More Ore Mod (Wiecej Rud Mod) by RedPer,solar

Mod adds more ores and tools.