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mod_RecyclerV by Valares

This Mod will insert a new block, the Recycler. The Recycler slowly recycle blocks and items to those original materials. This allows to retrieve material from unused items/blocks.

mod_RedMod by By: lololle098 And SwedenSnake (minecraft Names), MCreator

Check It Out!

mod_Red_emerald_mod by ., MCreator

Red emerald mod By: CHgeri100

mod_ReiMonkey by TekkifyLife, JonaK, minecraftmonkey, and others

Mod to forcibly allow toggle of Rei's Minimap's entity radar and cave mapping features on multiplayer. Make sure to enable those features in the menu to use them.

mod_ResidentEvELLE by Smacktalks, MCreator

mod_ResidentEvELLE1 by Smacktalks, MCreator