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Mischief & Mayhem by Veshati

Full of ores, items, functional and decorational blocks, etc. This mod is a WIP.

Missing Pieces by sboy205

Some blocks I wanted in the game.

Missing Recipes

A mod that adds several crafting recipes for vanilla items, some of which, you could say, are missing from vanilla.

Missing Things by TheTestMod

Random item and block mod.


Adds miising items to game

Mist Biomes by Hennamann

Adds mistified versions of vanilla biomes, based on the mist from FFIX

Mist Core by Hennamann

A mod required for mods using mist

Mist Raven:The Deathly Hallow by

Mist Raven:The Deathly Hallow.

Mistcraft by Hennamann

A small mod that implements the mist present in Final Fantasy IX

Mistry Industry by ueyudiud

Some dispare things.

Misty World by Liahim85

A world created for life and research.

Mite2Shulker by Lemons

Lets enermites bury into purpur blocks

Mithril by rbdyck

Adds mithril metal, bronze, ores, and garlic. Smelting produces toxic gas.