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MKUltra by Kovak

Rpg Combat Mod

MLG Bucket by Aycy

Automatically use water bucket to avoid fall damage.

MLGHelper by Oskaaar

Hilft dir beim MLG durch automatische H�henberechnung


Quick Scope Here :D

MLP Mythical Creatures Mod

Includes MLP Creatures, ponies and other things.

MLP Mythical Creatures Mod by Twilicorn(HurricaneSHLBHP)

Includes MLP Creatures and other things.


Some new blocks.

MMCLogger by Leelawd93

MMCReboot by Leelawd93

MMCRestrict by Leelawd93

A simple item restriction plugin


Force players to read and accept the rules.


A real time ticket system

MMD Buckets by dshadowwolf

Adds buckets of all materials registered with MMDLib


MMD in Minecraft!

MMDLib by TheCodedOne, DarkHax, Ferdinand (FEX___96)