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MC6M ServerAdapter Mod by Dr.JIN

MC6M ServerAdapter Mod.

MCCTF Mod by NomNuggetNom

Minecraft CTF Mod by NomNuggetNom.

MCCapes Extra by cjz__

Everybody wants a cape and now you can get one! Create an account in ten seconds and login, upload a cape image or choose one from the gallery! Features: - Your own custom cape! - Animated and transparent capes! - Anyone else who has this mod will see your cape and you will see theirs! - Turn your cape on and off with a simple tick box on this website! - Change your cape at any time!


Player grouping by forming clans

MCDevDate by its_meow

Simple display of INGAME minecraft days (20 minutes) since May 19, 2009 (release of MC Classic)

MCE Shop Addon by シフト (Shift)


MCEconomy 2 by Shift


MCEconomy 3 by Shift