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This is an example mod

MagicMirror by ostpol

Adds the Magic Mirror from Terraria to Minecraft.


Use Magic to Mine, Break, and Build stuff!

Magica by Namroc Smith

Become a Norse Runecaster


This is a magic mod. Magic Reborn!

Magical Crops by Mark719

Every get bored of mining all the time for resources? Want a new way of collecting them? Magical Crops gives you the ability to grow your own resources! Grow Diamonds, Coal, Emeralds or even Experience, Now go and create a vast farm for all your needs!

Magical Crops for MFR by Patrick

A very simple plugin that adds rudimentary support for the MFR planter and harvester to Magical Crops. The seed, product, and second seed drop. Other drops might be missing.

Magical Foods Mod by Endernoobs 314owen

Craft Magical Foods That Have Amazing Effects.