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This mod adds cool elements [changelog: added black Diamond -craftable and smetable but no ore for it YET, added ruby and ore too, fixed bug where old textures were implemented.] GOT SUPPORT ON SOME OF THE NEW TEXTURES AND ITEMS FROM ethonet, he is a new developer on the team! Possible features for Next Update Black Diamond tools, weapons- confirmed Cloud Block- possible Day and Night Changer GUI With block- wouldn’t count on it, pretty unlikely Emerald tools, weapons and tools- Certainly Possible, I don’t see why not Bubblegum- 50%


This mod is not fully complete its in alpha.


This is an example mod




A simple and easy to use custom prefix manager


This is an example mod

mnxemeralds by MairwunNx

Emeralds... Emeralds... EMERALDS!!! Mod add more emeralds items and armor in Minecraft.