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More Planet's by SteveMCCommander

Adds the custom planets for an advanced space travel!

More Planet's : Fronos by SteveMCCommander

Requires Adds-On for More Planet's

More Plates by PanSzelescik, MCreator

This mod adds plates from Ender IO, Refined Storage and Mekanism

More Purple and Gold by bor295

just adding more purple. and gold.

More Real Glass by MineDrow

It's for children who do not know how glass is dangerous or to fans of the hardcore in game. Thanks to google and many good coders. Glass is danger, trust me, be careful.

More Recipes! by LazyCow1120

Adds More then 60 NEW Recipes AND Spawn Eggs and Music disks!

More Refined Storage by Lennert05, JayJay_89, JohnAxae

Get more storage on refined storage