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Monster Spawn Core by TheModdersDen

the core code provider for the monster spawn mods

Monster Spawn Highlighter by Lunatrius

Highlight all blocks where monsters can spawn.

Monster Spawn Overlay by Ergt

Show mob's spawning area.

Monster Spawner Recipe by Red Shogun, MCreator

Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

MonsterApocalypse by minaduki

Monster of the Dead

Moo Fluids by TheRoBrit

Adds dynamically generated cows to the world, that give different fluids when right clicked with a bucket (or fluid container)

Moolands by 115kino

A mod created by Kingbdogz (Founder of Gilded Games) and

Moon Mod by nanorover59

Based on sutr90's Moon Mod.

Moon Mod by nanorover59

Based on sutr90's Moon Mod.

Moon's Core by SoggyMustache

Core Mod For SoggyMustache's Mods

MoonOfMining by Bennyboy1695

Creates a moon as a mining dimension for the galactic science 2 official server!

MoonTools by Moonpaw, Kerocat

Some nice tools, drinks, recipes and flowers for MC 1.7.10