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More Swords Mod by Darkhax

More Swords Mod provides a magnificent chain of lustrous new swords that expound upon the foundation of Minecraft weaponry. Razor sharp swords of magic as well as stronger, more practical blades!

More Thrilling Mod by a2569875

More Thrilling! Dangerous!! Enjoy :D

More Tools by Jayfeather311

Just as the name entails, it adds more tools to the game.

More Tools Premium by ShanesVLOGS

This Mod Adds A Bunch Of Different Ores And Tools Into The Game Including Armor Look Out For More Editions Of This Mod!.

More Utilities by FrostyMite

Adds NEW UTILITIES to your World!

More Vanilla Armors by hibobjr, Aneljo

A mod that adds a TON more armors to minecraft!

More Vanilla Recipes by Parker8283

A Mod that adds more recipes to Minecraft, and only recipes!

More Variants by TurboLazer240

Adds variants to wooden buttons and pressure plates.

More Village Biome+

More types of villages for many biomes MOD for Forge.

More Village Biomes+ by MG001Maya

More types of villages for many biomes MOD for Forge.

More Wands Mod

Added a lot of wands.

More Weapons by mindstorm3223

A mod that add in more weapons and tools along with ore generation for new materials.

More XFood by MelanX

This is my first mod. It's for learning how to build a mod but it's a christmas present for my girlfriend, too. It adds her favourite food and a few ingredients for this.

More generators mod by TheGhastModding

Adds more RF generators to the game.

More portals mod by chach, MCreator

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