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Minecraft Landlord by t3h_n3rd, aaronhance

Minecraft Landlord is an interactive land management system with granular permissions designed and built for minecraft 1.7.1.

Minecraft Link by Pylo

API for Minecraft Forge mods to connect to the hardware devices such as Arduino or Raspberry Pi.

Minecraft Made Easy V.2 by EliteAspect21, Elite Tech Dev Team

This little mod makes Minecraft super easy!

Minecraft Menu Overlay Mod by Gim949

Adds a new menu that is similar to the Steam overlay menu. Press LShift + Tab to open it up. Oh one more thing, make sure your gui scale is set to normal in order for this to work :D

Minecraft Money by PolarFluid, OfficiallyPolar

Adds money to Minecraft!

Minecraft Multipart Plugin by ChickenBones

Provides multipart versions of some vanilla blocks like torches and buttons.


Minecraft Multipart Plugin

Provides multipart versions of some vanilla blocks like torches and buttons.

Minecraft Pi API by kbsriram

Provide Minecraft Pi API for regular Minecraft.

Minecraft Plus by Craftyred

This mod expands vanilla Minecraft focusing on nice little features rather than big complicated ones.

Minecraft Prayers

Pray to the gods of Minecraft. They may reward you

Minecraft RPG by SilverPhx

RPG in Minecraft

Minecraft Recipe Exporter by Darminion2001

Generates a dump file of all items and recipes registered with forge.

Minecraft Resource Calculator 2 Addons by UntouchedWagons

Adds support for other mods

Minecraft Rich Presence by natanbc

Adds discord rich rpesence integration to your game

Minecraft Rich Presence by dierke9

Mod that creates a Discord Rich Presence of your current game