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Metroid Cubed 3 by FirEmerald

Metroid!!! In MineCraft!!!

Mexican Mod by MxModTeam

Armaduras, Estructuras,Entidades, Herraminetas, Bebidas y Comida.



MeziCraft 1.12.2 V4 by DinoGames0039, MCreator

Dinosaurs AND prehistoric creatures!

Mianite Mod by LRA10

Adds weapons and more from the Realm of Mianite. Based on a series by CaptainSparklez, iiJerichoii and Syndicate.

Michael18751's Engender Mod Companion by Michael18751, MCreator

Adds new content for the engender mod! (witherstorm tentacle textures by xwan)

Michael18751's More Wool Mod by Michael18751, MCreator

Adds more wool to Minecraft!

Michel Forever by Alex, MCreator

Micro's Mod by microhacker

Micro's Mod adds in a lot of random things into minecraft

MicroUkr by Yorri

Ukrainian Mod (national folk themes).