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Multi-Storage by ShetiPhian

Vaults, Hidden Chests, and Stacking Chests

Multi-Windmills Mod by Munchicken (Sarah Pierce)

The Multi-Windmills Mod adds a water-pumping Windmill object to the game.

MultiCMD by Selrahc13

Allows multiple commands in command blocks, expands @p and @dp for mods that don't expand them when used with command blocks. Commands are separated by @@. Syntax is: multicmd <speaker name> <command> [@@ command...]

MultiCraft by lukas2005, King of Creepers, Monstahhhh, SkyHawkB

MultiGrower by berryh

The MultiGrower mod. Grow ALL the things!


3 tools in one MultiTool!

MultiToolHolders by A.K.

Add Tool Holders


Muti-Colours of all the wool!

Multiblockstages by SkySom

GameStages support for MultiBlocks

Multicandy Mod by Shizaku

Minecraft mod.

Multidimensional Ores by Hlaaftana

A mod that generates a whole lot of ores in all vanilla dimensions.