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MakersFactory Utility by Joe Allington

Server-side only utility features for Minecraft Forge and MinecraftEdu.


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This is a modern tech mod.


This is a modern tech mod.

Malisis Core by Ordinastie, PaleoCrafter

API rendering and ASM transformations.

ManPuppy's Fixes & Tweaks by ManPuppy

A personal mod that tweaks Minecraft and fixes gameplay mechanics.

Mana Well by Dark Lizzy

Adds mana wells to the world.

Mana Wells by Dark Lizzy, Epiic_Thundercat

Adds Mana Wells to the world.

ManaCraft by Yaossg, fly25

Mana is the power of nature!

ManaMetalMod by Dragon060810

A mysterious, magical metal mod.

ManaTweaks by Nihiltres

Allows mana manipulation in CraftTweaker events