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MinePass by MinePass, SovereignMP

MinePass Network Game Server


This mod adds 2 MinePhones into your world.


A mod, that Automatically Uploads a screenshot to a webserver to be shared with friends and family!

MineRealms by Pugz

A mod for Minecraft designed to add an extension of adventure and exploration to the game.

MineReset by JamieS1211

Resets mines

MineSafety by DoubleDoorDevelopment

You should wear a helmet when you go mining...

MineScape by DjStarters, MCreator

RuneScape meets Minecraft!

MineSlack by Alex Shaffer (mrnosuch)

Slack notifications of player activity.

MineSouls by RWTema Dude

Prepare to Mine!


Mineable Mob spawners with Silk touch.

MineStream mod by Quieteroks

MineStream additional block mod.

MineTech by Geometrically

Adds in Custom Armor, Tools, and Ores. A little bit of magic too!

MineTogetherServer by Cloudhunter

Companion server side mod to allow you to pregen chunks, and to allow listed on public server list.

MineTools by FedorAronov

Example placeholder mod.

MineTraps by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod adds cool new traps to the game