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MiniMoos by RicardoTheCoder

Adds small cows to the world, they have special abilities

MiniPortal by lavX64

Adds Mini Portal to nether

Minifigcraft by theorbtwo

Fancy-looking models for players who want to look like lego minifigs.

MinimalPeripherals by justync7

Minimal Peripherals.

Minimapsync by james94jeans2

Synchronization of waypoints from Rei's or Zan's minimap on servers running with this mod. Also enables teleportation to set waypoints with /warptowaypoint <name>

Mining Dimension by Nuklearwurst

Mining Dimension and Portals

Mining Goggles by Wurmatron

Mining Hats by Hkiller1

Hats that are useful for mining.

Mining Overhaul by Rowan662

Overhauls the vanilla mining mechanics and ores.

Mining Utilities by LavaDudeHD

Adds Items That Help You While Mining.

Mining Worlds by Zarkov

Adds new player created dimensions suitable for (automated) mining.

Mining mod by ~CookieCake

Increase your mining possibilities with this mod with all the new ores, tools and armor sets!


This mod adds some new Ores, Drills and Tools