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Mo' Boots

Mo' Boots is Minecraft Mod, based on nothing but imagination of special powerfull boots.

Mo' Drinks!

Coffee! Soda! Hot Chocolate! Lattes! Mochas!

Mo' Furnaces Mod by Mattkx4, Pr1meSh0ck

A mod that adds more furnaces.

Mo' Gems by Termin8or

Simple mod that adds lots of gems.

Mo' Glowstone Mod by ┬žaKaden

Like glowstone, but with rainbows!

Mo' Minecraft by frumpycat123

This is my first ever mod that is aimed at adding spice to minecraft while learning how to code.

Mo' Ore's And Tools by SupGamer NL, MCreator

Same version as the 2.2.8 but for Minecraft 1.12.2

Mo' Ore's And Tools Mod by SupGamer NL, MCreator

Added more tools and some metarials, plus there are some bug fixes.

Mo' Pickaxes by CoolComixs

Adds more pickaxes!.

Mo' Recipes by CoolComixs

Adding More Crafting Recipes Since 2014!