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MC Paint by ichttt

A mod that lets you paint a bunch of blocks.

MC Stats by TP

Stats HUD for McMMO

MC Steering Wheel Support by EwyBoy

Adds steering wheel support to Minecraft!

MC Tools by Connor Linfoot

The MC Tools mod.

MC Tweaker

Tweak most of minecraft's aspects to your liking.

MC lvl up by nanaBathMan

Level up while playing Minecraft and get rewarded for doing that.

MC+ Adventurer ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for brave Adventurers! - Eat, Explore, and Explode. . . wait. . .

MC+ Craftsman ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for crafty Craftsmen! - The 2nd essential step in the 3 step process: Mine, Craft, Repeat.

MC+ Enchanter ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for mystic Enchanters! - Princes aren't going to turn into frogs themselves!

MC+ Farmer ModPack

A MinecraftPlus ModPack for Farmers! - Time to get up and smell the carrots.


This is an example mod

MCCTF Mod by NomNuggetNom

Minecraft CTF Mod by NomNuggetNom.

MCCapes Extra by cjz__

Everybody wants a cape and now you can get one! Create an account in ten seconds and login, upload a cape image or choose one from the gallery! Features: - Your own custom cape! - Animated and transparent capes! - Anyone else who has this mod will see your cape and you will see theirs! - Turn your cape on and off with a simple tick box on this website! - Change your cape at any time!


Player grouping by forming clans

MCDayZ by Xlv

MCDevDate by its_meow

Simple display of INGAME minecraft days (20 minutes) since May 19, 2009 (release of MC Classic)

MCE Shop Addon by シフト (Shift)


MCEconomy 2 by Shift