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Snows Deeper

雪が積もるようなって、降雪バイオームが雪国らしくなります。 Makes snow get deeper, makes snowy biomes even snowier.

So Much Armor

This mod adds many different types of armor with different abilities

So Much Stuff by TwiLordMC

A Great Mod That Adds Great Things To Your Game.

Soccer Mod by MrCrayfish

A mod developed during Mod Week Season 2. <description>

SocialConnectMod by

Ce mod permet de rester connecté avec toute la communauté socialcraft et bien plus !

Socratic_Phoenix's Randores by Socratic_Phoenix

The mod to end all mods.

Soda Craft by Phobophobe

Adds many different drinks into the game, as well as a soda machine.

Soda Drinks 2 by VeloceHD, crazybram

A mod that adds several drinks to the game


This mod adds soda

SodiumCraft by CsokiCraft

Gives Mekanism sodium a purpose.


Adds Soft Drinks into the game incuding a machine!


This Mod adds 3 Soft Drinks into the game inculding a machine!

SoggyMustache's Transportation by SoggyMustache


Solar by Martacus, Thexare, notawallplan

Use the power of the stars to do crazy stuff

Solar Energy Craft by AntonLandao, MrDimkas_Studio

Solar Expansion 2 by Shad0wB1ade

A way to generate RF from the sun

Solar Flux by Nauktis

Example placeholder mod.

Solar Village by Darkhax

A solar panel mod for Minecraft and the Tesla API

SolarCraft by Funwayguy, Darkosto

Roam through the remains of the Minecraft world scattered thoughout the solarsystem


This mod adds one solar panel which creats energy for modded or vanilla furnaces


This is an example mod

SolderCraft by ME-Corp

Machines n' Stuff


This mod ads an soldier


Brina Solida :D


Provides Tools for the Solitary Asylum Map


Add rods like one in the game Solomon's Key

Solstice by Pahimar

An environmental immersion mod that adds seasons to Minecraft!

Some Useful Tools Mod

Adds some useful tools that could be overpowered. And a grenade. Because why not.

SomeLuigi's Peripherals by TehSomeLuigi

Adds a peripheral, more in the future.


add more coal

Somethings by Quentin, MCreator


Sonar's Modding Framework


Thanks For Download My Mod


Thanks for download my mod follow me on youtube TheCapo75


This mod adds tons of new things, such as new ores and armor.


For all your special crafting needs in vanilla!

Soot by BordListian

An Embers addon.

Sopwith's AllSnow Mod by Sopwith

Makes every biome cold, and so that snow falls.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Sorcery by Vroominator

You're a wizard, Steve.



Sorting Pipes by kneelawk

This mod adds some pipes to buildcraft for sorting items like the redpower sorting machine.

Soul Exploitation by HyperElectron

Allows the creation of Mob Spawners

Soul Shards - The Old Ways by TehNut

Custom spawners for any mob!

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban by MrAmericanMike

Soul Shards - The Old Ways: Anvil Ban

Soul Shards 2 by ShadwDrgn

Make custom mob spawners and other soul related items!


Soul Shards 3 by MBretzel

Original Soul Shards remake.

Soul Shards Respawn by TehNut

Custom spawners for any mob!

Soul Shards The Old Ways by TheSgtPunishment, UnstoppableN, Corvus Urro

Continuation of Moze_Intel’s Soul Shards: Reborn mod.

SoulCraft by Somar Ani

Venture into the darkness and unlock your true potential.


A Mod with swords crafted by souls from the mob.