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mod_megarpg by , MCreator

mod_moo by MAX, MCreator


mod_moreEverything by Grom PE

Adds gameplay and balance tweaks, better mod integration, and allows scripting.

mod_ninjagocraftweapononly by pan100, MCreator

ninjagocraft is awesome !!!!

mod_overworldHellMod by 3mptied, MCreator

mod_palmMod by wg93589, MCreator


mod_polkzmod by PolkzMiner, MCreator

polkz RPG based mod version 2.0

mod_prayingstone by Jtull, MCreator

pray to the gods

mod_preyingtest1 by , MCreator

mod_puregolda by me, MCreator

more fun with gold

mod_puregoldmod2 by me, MCreator


mod_quickalchemy by jpbeat, MCreator

Transmutation on the go

mod_road by , MCreator

mod_spacearmor by x, MCreator