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Wooden swords adventure


A way to get jungle wood very early on when mining at night.

Wool into Strings! by Loncore, MCreator

With this mod you can simply turn Wools into Strings!

Wool to String by AngleWyrm

Recipe to convert 1 wool to 4 string

Wool2String by christmasdog

Implements a crafting recipe that can convert wool into string.

WoolIntoStrings-1.12.2-1.0.1 by Loncore, MCreator

Simply craft strings

WoolToString by LiteralyPotato

Thanks for downloading my mod. To use it, just put a piece of wool into a crafting table to get back 4 string.


wool to string


Wool to string. Duh.

Woot by Ipsis

The alternative mob spawner/grinder system

Wopper by Ellpeck

A mod that adds a wooden hopper

Word Filter by vova7865, Hurricane Studios

Lets you set up custom chat filters, customize warnings, slowmode, identical messages filtering, etc.

Working Sponges by Konitor

Have sponges which can soak up water or lava (or both). Have powered sponges. The mining sponge needs to be allowed in the config - it is disallowed by default.

World Book by Jaredlll08

Easily manage multiple worlds!.

World Changers by TuxCraft, tommy1019

Do you like adventuring in Minecraft? You will now. World Changers adds awesome huge structures to your game like volcanos or craters.

World Control by Xbony2, DMF444

The spiritual successor to Nuclear Control 2.

World Drop by Domochevsky

Lets you drop from one dimension to another.

World Handler GUI

The World Handler GUI provides a smart GUI for people without having to know any complex commands and gives them a look inside the art of Minecraft map / world making. Now anyone can easily create maps or just save a few ammount of time and provides an easy to use interface.

World Init by SHsuperCM

This mod allows you to select a world/ip that will be loaded instantly upon game launch!

World Limiter Mod by UpcraftLP

Small mod simulating a round world.

World Manager by jplee

Managing your worlds so you don't have to.

World Of Minecraft by Syconn_modding, MCreator

This mod brings minecraft to life like never before.

World Paint by Wyn Price

Paint your world with functional paint

World Preset Manager by Winter_Grave

Lets you manage world presets for your gameplay or modpacks.

World Primer by masa

Run commands or generate and place structures on world creation

World Stripper by Ewy

Strip The World! #AllNude

World Sync

Allows for saving worlds online

World Tooltip by GenuineSounds

World Tooltip is a client mod that adds in-world tooltips over items on the ground... So you can see what you're picking up.

World Utils by masa

Commands and items to edit chunks/blocks/entities/tile-entities/chunks etc

World of Boxes by Darkguardsman

Whats in the box?

World of Dinos by CannibalVox

Allows Fossils & Arch dinosaurs to spawn in a specified dimension.

World of Dogs by Mateiaru

Added a brand new Cute Dimension, armor, tools, mobs (Dogs and Puppies) and a lot more!

World of Pillar by PoulpoGaz

World of Pillar

WorldAndGenerationTweaks by Thebombzen

WorldAndGenerationTweaks provides various assorted tweaks to terrain generation.

worldgen tweak

WorldBorder by Brettflan, RoyCurtis

Efficient, feature-rich mod for limiting the size of your worlds

WorldEdit by sk89q, wizjany, TomyLobo

WorldEdit is an easy-to-use in-game world editor for Minecraft, supporting both single player and multiplayer.

WorldEdit CUI Forge by lahwran, yetanotherx, nejinx

WorldEdit CUI Forge is the ModLoader ported version of the client-side only mod that adds an in-game visual overlay for WorldEdit selections. There is no support for SinglePlayerCommands.

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition by yetanotherx, Mumfrey, Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI is a client-side user interface for WorldEdit.

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 by Hexosse

WorldEdit CUI Forge Edition 2 is a forge client-side user interface for WorldEdit

WorldGen Block Replacer by The_Fireplace

Allows you to replace a block in your world generation with another block.

WorldGenIndicators by Buuz135

A mod that indicates worldgen

WorldJoinText by Pixtar

Adds one or multiple custom join message(s) for each world/dimension and/or the server.

WorldProtector by Mosca421

Protect regions


WorldStateCheckpoints is a client mod that allows you to create world saves for your SP worlds.

clientside opensource backup


Only for minetweaker

Worlds Retold by Xenoform55, T3DK, Anomalocaris101, Scourge

A mod for Winterjam 2018.

Worley's Caves by SuperFluke, booleanbyte

Cave generation with Worley noise

Wormholes by armaDio, GabrieleMaurina

Have you ever wondered what happened if you went through a wormhole in minecraft?

Worse Barrels by quaternary

8-stack barrels. Terrible for mass storage. By design!

Worthwhile XP Bottles by Dark_Lizzy

Makes XP Bottles more worthwhile.


Sends commands from inside the Sponge server back to the Minecraft Remote Toolkit Wrapper


YT - Wolf_fang77

Wrelf's Memo Tag Mod by Wrelf

Memo player's information and render as a tag.

Wtfmod by YeaTouh, MCreator, YeaYouh

A mod with some weapons, mobs, and a dimension [ MOD IS IN BETA ]

Wuest Utilities by WuestMan

This mod adds many recipes to make vanilla easier to work with.

Wumple Util Library by Stormwind99

Shared library of useful classes and functions for mod development. Does nothing on its own. Reduces boilerplate and duplicate code. Used by Stormwind's mods.

Wundr Mod Utils by wundrweapon

Collection of code used in all of wundrweapon's mods

WurmTweaks by Wurmatron

Tweaks all the recipes in the game along with adding quite a few diffrent items.

WurmTweaks2 by Wurmatron

A Mod Used to help modpack creators create recipes along with some unique features like Web Based Recipes and Custom Crafting Items

Wynn Expansion by EHTYCSCYTHE, SHsuperCM

A bunch of quality of life improvements for playing on Wynncraft

WynnPlus by L4w3s

Adds extra features for WynnCraft, such as a leveling buddy which will let you select a mob you wish to grind and it will inform you how many more you need to kill to level up, advised but not required to be used alongside an existing WynnCraft modpack (WynnCraft Enhanced OR SHCM Wynn Mod).