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Survival Command Blocks by Classic_Tim

A simple mod which adds the ability to craft and use Command Blocks in survival mode. You still need to be OP and commands/command blocks need to be enabled.

Survival Fly by Tminor1

Allows you to fly in survival mode.

Survival Industry by jeffpengMC

The core mod of Survival Industry that adds relevant progression changes to the game

Survival Industry by reteo, Dulciphi, jeffpengMC

This is the core mod of the Survival Industry Modpack. It takes care of a multitude of changes to the game. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Survival Industry by Reteo

This is the core mod of the Vanilla Beyond Modpack. It tweaks the game to maximize features without changing its mechanics. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Survival Industry: Flint Chisel by jeffpeng

Adds a chisel to the game that is made of flintstone.

Survival Industry: Low Grade Steel by jeffpeng

Adds low grade steel to the game. This steel can be made in the RotaryCraft furnace and is compatible to most mod steel, but cannot be used as HSLA Steel.

Survival Plus Client by TheFishLive

Client mod for survival plus.

Survival Recipes by Carsten Ringe

A couple recipes to improve your survival.

Survival Systems by mallrat208

Modifiable Environmental Suit for Modded Minecraft

Survival Tabs by iTooly

SurvivalTabs will allow mod developers to add their own survival tabs that will correspond with other tabs and will work together side-by-side!

Survival Tweaks by sorazodia

Extra mechanics for survival mode

Survival Wings by spacechase0

Craftable wings that let you fly as if in creative mode.


i hope you guys injoy my fisrt mod


Bald zu finden unter! Dieser Mod hilft dir im Survival

SurvivalModpackManager by Darkyoooooo


Craft spawners in survival !

Survivalist by gigaherz

The toolkit for the rustic adventurer.

Survivalist Lighting by Wolfie_Waffle

Makes light more of a limited resource.

Survivalist's Brush by Twoxs

Introduces the brush ability to Survival Mode in a balanced way.


A mod about generating diamonds and emeralds.

Survive for 7 Days by kegare

Can you survive for 7 days?


This mod adds elements for survival as a mob, weapons, food etc... is Inspired to fallout. It still has some bugs, in fact I created it with Mcreator (I do not know to program in Java / Eclipse)

Sushi Mod by Exline

Example placeholder mod.

Sushi Pets! by Robert

Tame, name and interact with your favorite Living Sushi! Also Craft Sushi to learn more Sushi Skills. Much thanks to Victoria and Melanie for their support and helpful suggestions and for putting up with my neurosis. Check out victoria's YouTube at

Suspended Server by Blargerist, superckl

Suspends the server while no players are online.

SwKillDeathMod by harogen_

/swKd playerName , /allKd , /swSettings


This is a mod.. lol...


Adds Donuts And Stuffs Dood :)

Swan Boats! by SoggyMustache

Adds a swan boat

Swapper by Trcx

A mod that provides an auto tool swapper.


Swasticraft, or Minecomf, is a mod with swasticas. Where you kill hitler.

Sweet Mod by RedOfTheStone

Craft your own favourite Sweets in Minecraft!

Sweet Tea! by Navybofus

Allows the player to find wild tea plants in the world and refine them to tasty beverages.

SweetAliveMod by SweetHeart

Cooking and Survival.


Better than 1.1

SweetHomeMod by defeatedcrow

Home Sweet Home.


This is a mod that adds all sorts of candy and treats!

Swift by warlordjones, Paint_Ninja

Swift automatically fine-tunes your experience for the best possible settings at an ideal framerate, while also slightly improving battery life on laptops.

SwingThroughGrass by Exidex

Don't let the grass be between you and your prey!

Swiss Blue Topaz Mod by 3mily, MCreator

Swiss Blue Topaz Stuff! :3

Swiss Cheese by Fuzs

Changes cave gen back to be more dense like it was before the 1.7 update.

Switch-Bow by Whitedraco

Switch what you like

Switches by Myrathi

Switches provides alternative switch designs and lever/switch piston-activation.

Sword + + by RuSsiA_Zocker_HD

Diese Mod bring neue Schwerter in dein Spiel. Diese Mod ist in der BETA

Sword Art Online HUD

A Mod That Adds The HUD From The Popular Anime Sword Art Online Into Minecraft

Sword Art Online UI by TheJackiMonster

A Design-Mod for playing SAO in Minecraft..

Sword Art Online UI by TheJackiMonster, Bluexin, Tencao

A Design-Mod for playing SAO in Minecraft..

Sword Craft Online by Phoenixx

Mod Created by Phoenixx. Discord: Phoenix#5518 All rights reserved. Copyright.

Sword Potion by yousui115

The sword is wet with a potion.

Sword Skills API by coolAlias

Common API for DSS and ZSS provides intercompatibility for third party mod developers

Sword&Shield by f04041

Add a Sword&Shield


The Sword Art Online Mod for Minecraft v. 1.7.2 by NaibafLP


New 1.4.0 Adventures!


Add New More Sword


Add 6 swords


This is an example mod


The four swords become the Aether...


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things


This mod adds swords and mobs


Without the special abilities

Sycon's Star Wars Mod by Syconn_modding, MCreator

The Beginig of the Jedi Power update.

Syconn's Star Wars Mod by Syconn_modding, MCreator

Meet your favorite characters and adventure in custom dimensions and biome.


The Sylvver test mod

Symcalc by meew0

A mod that allows you to check the symmetry of Thaumcraft infusion altars.

magic util opensource addon

SynCore by Synoot

Coremod for Synoot's mods - contains basic machines and items used in most mods.

Sync by iChun

Sync mod, made for ModJam 3. Allows multiple player instances.

Syndaryl's Sledgehammers by Syndaryl

Block smashing sledgehammers for tunneling.