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Shader Key by bl4ckscor3

Adds a keybinding to change shaders quickly without needing to open the menu.

Shadow World by JaJo_11

Add a new World, more Weapons, cookies and more

Shadow of Middle Earth by SuperSam_792

See ingame mod list!

Shadow's Emerald Mod by Shadow3654

Adds the ability to craft emerald armor & tools.

ShadowCore by shadowfacts

Utility mod for all of Shadowfacts' mods.

ShadowCraft by Darva

Shadowcraft adds blocks and items to let you rule the shadows

ShadowMC by Shadowfacts

A library mod required for all my other mods.

ShadowMod by ShadowGamer

Heavly work in progress mod.

ShadowTweaks by Shadowfacts

My tweaks mod

Shadowrite by TheCallunxz

When the moon goes away, the shadows come out to play

Shadows Of Physis by TTFTCUTS, Arheo

Shadows Weapons Mod by JayGhoul

Here ya fucking go Shadow.


This is an example mod

ShaftedProductions by Randy_tnt, MCreator

Shaker Mod by Ikara Software, Te Papa

Earthquake simulator

Shamanry by Asyncronos

Adding Shamanry to Thaumcraft


add leather into pixelmon


add leather into pixelmon


Adds string to pixel


More Shapes! Yay!

Shard by Nicky, MCreator

Enter short description here

SharpBone by An Sar

Use left over parts for tools or weapons

Sharplay Protection by BaluMonster

Server protection

Sharpness Particles by Javlin

Makes sharpness particles appear upon hitting an enemy, regardless of whether your sword has sharpness or not.


This mod adds unique food!


Sharpness Core Mod

Shatter by iChun

Shatter mod, a general death animation replacer for mobs.

ShatterSkeleton by eyeq



Mod add to the game a juicy and delicious shaurma

ShazenMod by leomelki

Mod de Shazen par leomelki

Shear Madness by AtomicBlom

That thing you've always wanted to do with a chisel.


just add shearable chicken.

Sheeeps! by Zulucap

When sheep go exploring they find useful material that gets trapped in their wool.

Sheep by _jx


Shelf by MrIbby, Risugami

Ever wanted to store your items in a way you can see them? Here you go. This block allows you to add up to 9 items to it and the items you put in are shown in the world. Recipe is: P - P P P = Planks, - = Nothing

SheltersMod by No_eru334

Add Very Very HardBlocks

ShetiPhian-Core by ShetiPhian

Core set of files needed by ShetiPhians mods

Shield by yousui115

Shield Ability Up.

Shield Hider by big_Xplosion

Makes shields less intrusive

Shield Machine Mod by SOL Crafters

This is the mod for you to break blocks easily!

Shield Parrying by Drullkus

Parry Projectiles with your shield!


A Mod with little Dogs

Shin Seiki Mod by SecondImpact

Does the things you want it to do


Made the flares 100% canon

Shinsei Mod by The Jackyl

Shinsei is a mod about reusing items and blocks and giving them new life. It also adds a modular machine and tool system.

Shiny Gear by possible_triangle

Creates armor and tools for several gems

ShinyFood by

More golden food!


Long Lasting Fuel

ShinyPots by RoccoDev

Adds a shiny effects to potions in your inventory.

ShiogumarsWishList by Shiogumar

MOD for me to add what I want.

Ships Mod by Cuchaz

Build sailable ships out of blocks.

ShipwreckWorldGeneration by Cpacal

Adds shipwrecks to ocean and beach world generation. More variety and features to come!

Shipwrecks! by TheWinslow

Adds shipwrecks to ocean and beach world generation. New in this version, Piranhas, Diving Suits, and the Waverunner shipwreck!


Adds shipwrecks to ocean and beach world generation. New in this version, Piranhas, Diving Suits, and the Waverunner shipwreck!

Shock Metal by vNemesis_HD, Shockwave Interactive

Adds a new metal with at a level higher than diamond, Can be found in the nether but is rare.


Enter short description here

ShootIt by andreid278

ShopHistoryMod Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welcher den Shopverlauf in eine Datei schreibt.

ShoppingMod by opum2

Adds a coin & dollar bill item that allows you to buy items from the market block. Kill monsters to get the coins.

Shops and Stuff by TheRedMajora

Adds shop blocks, etc.

ShotYourScreen by CatDany

Share screenshots with friends immediately!

Shotbow XP by Craftiii4

Changes how Shotbow xp is displayed

Shotguns And Glitter by Demoniaque, wiresegal, Daniel Astral

A Modjam mod

ShoulderSurfing by Joshua Powers

Changes the vanilla third person camera to an over-the-shoulder camera, as made popular by Capcom's "Resident Evil 4". Includes keybindings for adjusting the camera, along with various settings in the config file. Must be installed as a Forge coremod. Code injection may fail if using mods that mess with the base files. Update to 1.7.10 by LaysDragon

Show Monsters by Kabo

Shows monsters that spawn at the players location (feet).

ShowArmsStand by Azuxul

Craft ShowingArms Armor Stand with standard Armor Stand for to hold items to you ArmorStand in survival. Compatible vanilla, if you unistall mod, your ArmorStand will not despawn !