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OffsetMarker by Noto

Draw various position marker.

OgaMod by おがちゃん

このMODは、以下の要素を追加します。 ・バニラレシピの一部を追加 ・作業台上での還元レシピを追加 ・IC2exのレシピを一部旧レシピ化 ・1.8以降のブロックを追加 ・便利なアイテムやブロックを追加

OgreSean Mods by OgreSean, GotoLink

Oh provoda! by Mechanesse

Provoda sheep mod.

Oh the Biomes You'll Go! by AOCAWOL, MCreator

Enter a world of magic and exploration, biomes you go will make you journey far and wide for the ultimate adventure!

OiOliveMOD by CatastropheNagaoka

Let's doing OiOlive! You can do it!

Olaf by UpcraftLP

Let it go!

Old Beacon by zr2

Make beacon great again

Old Guns Mod by Zach2039

Old guns for that colonial feel!

Old Java Warning by Darkhax

Warns about old Java..

Old Obsidian by legobmw99

Re-add the old obsidian generation behavior with redstone wire

Old World Gen by ted80

Old-School Hunger by Elucent

Restores the hunger system from before Minecraft Beta 1.8.


This adds a few old blocks to minecraft!


This is an example mod


Another update


Stare Jedznie

OldRemovedFeatures-1.12.2 by SillyMan0108, MCreator

Readds old features

Oldowan Obsidian by Gyro

Some tweaks to obsidian.

OliveCraft by Joserichi

OliveCraft adds olive stuff like olive oil or edible olives to Minecraft.

Olympia by DasUmlaut

Olympia Project Core

Olympus gear by amazing_zombie

The gear of the gods

Omega Byte Blocks

Alpha Project

Omega Craft by Cobbs

Tech side of TSON

Omega Flow Blocks

Alpha Project


A follow-up mod to OmegaCraft

Omni Ocular by Epix

Omni Ocular

Omni Wrench by MrBretze

This OmniWrench !

Omni-Goggles by Selim_042

Adds a singular pair of goggles, with the HUD effects of different mod's helmets.

OmniTools by KingLemmingCoFH, Cynycal

OmniTools mod! OmniWrench and Forge Lexicon; compress your toolkit and your ore stash!

Omnifluids by EphysPotato

Makes every fluid placeable.

Omnis Core

Common and core code for all Jezza's mods.

On Further Tales: Explore Further by martinbv95, MCreator

Take Your Adventure Further

On-Hit Particles by Aycy

Particles when attacking entities.


Take your adventure further!

OnImpact by SakerTooth

Explosion on Impact. Simple, yet difficult. Why am I in your mods folder again?


adds new metals and tools

One Block Nether Portal

My submission for modjam4.

One Chunk Companion Mod by mttprvst13

This is the mod that adds the one chunk generator, and blocks.

One Way Glass by mrnate72, MCreator

One Way Glass


Adds weapons from One Piece


One Piece mod


Mod based off of the One Punch Man anime.


lots of ores


This is an example mod

Onion Mod by PingschelleMC

The Onion Mod (1.0.1a) adds onions, golden onions, onion seeds and the onion crop to your game!

Online Chat by Baseball45

A chat server and client that allows you to talk to friends regardless of whether or not you're in the same server as them.

Online Checker by Aycy

Check if a player is currently online.


Copyright 2014 - 2018 Volting


Copyright 2014 - Volting


Copyright 2014 - 2017 Volting

OnlineLever Mod by Muka2533

Add a lever that can be operated on the Internet.


This is an example mod

Only Microblocks by PplusS

This mod replaces the vanilla block drop with chisels and bits parts

OnlySilver by Zot

OnlySilver ports the silver ore and its derivatives from SimpleOres 1.5.2_1 to the later versions of Minecraft.


This MOD is beta

OnyxBlocks by OnyxAgata, MCreator

Enter short description here


This adds Onyx armor, tools rtc.

Oops by darkevilmac

A solution for accidental placements.


This is an example mod



OpMe by andrenoel

A command to toggle operator status and creative game mode for players you preauthorize in a config file. I like to play as a normal player but be easily opped when needed. For security, nothing can add anyone to the list from in-game.

OpPickaxe Mod by tttymo16

A mod that ads a op pickaxe


Good Luck...


Adds Opals, Marble and Lots of blocks and Items to the Game.

Open Glider by gr8pefish

Hang glider!

Open Grave

The simple gravestone mod.

Open Harvest by SBlectric

A basic open-source right-click-to-harvest-crop mod.