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Poultrygeist by FyberOptic

Don't chop the chickens.

PowCraft by 13rett

gives players powers in MC

Power Adapters by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Allows power to be adapted

Power Apples by Lothrazar

Adds nine apples to the game made of bone, chocolate, diamond, lapis, emerald, netherwart, clownfish, prismarine, and ender pearls. See config file and curseforge post for details. CHANGES FOR 1710 VERSION: -Prismarine apples recipe takes Quartz Block input, since prismarine does not exist -Diamond apple does not provide health boost or saturation -Emerald does not provide absorpt or saturation -Removed bone apple

Power Boxes by Lordmau5

The 'Power Boxes' - Mod. Go check it out yourself ingame.

Power Converters by PowerCrystals, TehKrush, AtomicStryker, skyboy026

The Power Converters mod allows the player to easily convert energy from one form to another.

tech util

Power Drop by OmegaJak

Allows more powerful item dropping.

Power Gems

This mod adds 7 new ores and adds a new use for lapis. Each ore has its own armour,tools,special weapon/tool and Power Gem!

Power Gems

This mod adds 7 new ores and adds a new use for lapis. Each ore has its own armour,tools,special weapon/tool and Power Gem!

Power Mod by Medic_Gaming

This mod adds in OP things.

Power Tools by Cuchaz

Save time with better tools!

Power Twerk by Naxanria

Twerking for power generation.

Power of Paint by TristanBomb

A mod that adds paints with special powers.

Power of the Elements by Prime17

This mod allows you to control the elements of fire, ice, lightning, air, and earth!

PowerCraft Reloaded by Dannikinfo

PowerCrops by SoniEx2


PowerCrystals Core by PowerCrystals, AtomicStryker, skyboy026

Core functionality for Power Crystals' mods.


PowerManegerMod by noriokun4649


PowerNodes by TheFjong

Adding Power nodes to Minecraft!

PowerSticks by josh_ylan

Sticks that will help you survive!


This is a Mod that adds some Epic PowerUps

Powered Elements 2 by StudioMaker

This desc. is kinda boring for now. ):

Powerful Tools

Bored of vanilla minecraft tools, this is your mod!

Powerful mod by Mod 11, MCreator

Enter a new world of tools, biomes, trees and ores!


This mod adds many different coals that last a very long time!


Mod that add some useful things to Open Computers


This mod adds powerful stuff, maybe even overpowered stuff!

Powerhouse by Simon Baeg

Minecraft Mod used at the Powerhouse Museum.


Powers? Well the suits are soft thanks to the cloth and the claws are pretty cool i guess.

Powerline by the_real_farfetchd

Recreates a power system from older versions of Minecraft.


This is an example mod

Powers of Terra by cyanik21

Harness the power of earth to do things.



Powns' CheatbreakerHud by powns

All Cheatbreaker mods made customisable within one gui.

Powns' Coords HUD by powns

A very customizable HUD which indicates your current coordinates.

PplusS Lite 2 Core

PplusS Lite 2 Core. Thanks to MCreator.

Pra's Galacticraft Mod by Pra

Trying out some stuff

Practical Logistics

All things data - Requires SonarCore

Practical Logistics 2

All things data - Requires SonarCore

Practical Space Fireworks by ExpensiveKoala, gegy1000, tterrag

Space Fireworks but Practical. Makes sense right?

Practicalities by Jotato

Making your Minecraft life easier since 1984

PrankCraft Custom by untamemadman

A mod for PrankCraft.

Prattle by ProfMobius

Who reads that anyway ?

Precious Bricks by Saikou

A small mod that adds some decorative blocks to Minecraft. For now, just metal bricks, but there's more on the way soon!

Precious Shot by Nokiyen

Precious Shot strongly supports screen shots.

Precise Time by CreeperShift

Change Minecraft day&night time

Precision Crafting by Leviathan143

Adds a Precision Crafting table that allows items to be crafted in precise amounts, with no excess results

PrecisionMiner by Gods


Precogs by Me4502

Service-based API for AntiCheat plugins.

Precursor Blockacy by KnightDemon

Fan made Jak and Daxter mod for Minecraft. I must say it's about time there was one, now go out and enjoy this mod but I would love feedback on it if you can.

Prefab by WuestMan

Provides ways of making pre-fabricated houses and other structures.

Prefabricated Walls by MaNicXs

Make walls on the crafting table by putting blocks in the corners.

Prefixation by MiningMark48

Adds prefixes to your weapons and armor to make them better (or worse).

Premium Core by BudSkywalker

Premium Core is a required mod the the other mods in the Premium Series to work.

Premium Craft by BudSkywalker

Premium Craft includes a few random things. Part of the Premium Series

Present Stand by MelanX

Adds a present stand - a stand for a present for another person you like.


Adds presents to give to your freinds and cash. The cash isn't that good. D:

Presets! by OreCruncher

Save/Restore configuration data using presets for ease of use

Pressure Point Blocks by pelep

Pressure points! Camouflaged buttons! This mod adds new pixel-sensitive blocks that emit redstone signals

Pressurized Defense by TheReturningVoid

Steam-powered weaponry in Minecraft!

Prestige by Darkhax, Jaredlll08

Adds a prestige system, which allows progress to carry on beyond worlds.

Preston by asie

The ultimate in compression algorithms.

Pretty Beaches by BlayTheNinth

Adjusts water physics when digging sand near water to prevent ugly.

Pretty Nice Ores by GiantTree

Adds pretty nice ores.

Previous Name Grabber by Sexyandikit

Grabs old names of players.