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ProjectL by OrangeMarshall

Improved Minecraft combat: Updates head positioning immediately. Command: /projectl


This plugin is only used by MultiScripts.

ProjectPortals by TrenTech

One stop shop for all things portal

ProjectRed by MrTJP, ChickenBones

Provides the core components and libraries that the other ProjectRed files need

ProjectRed Core

Redstone. The way it was meant to be. Built against Forge Supporters: Jacob M

ProjectRet Repleacer by DrummerMC

ProjectU by Technici4n

A mod that converts all your copper, tin, silver, lead... ingots/dust to a universal version.

ProjectUtility by TheOddGarlic

A mod that adds a bit of everything

ProjectWorlds by TrenTech

Multi world management plugin

ProjectZ by Zerocool211

A Mod That Adds Fake Diamonds, A Fake Diamond Block, Fake Diamond Tools and Fake Diamond Armor. Also Adds Tablets That Do Some Cool Stuff, The Tablets Use Essence As Fuel Source

Projectile Balancer by SM9

Balacing Projectiles

Projectiles Of Doom by GoldenClawOfDoom, nexus4522, HeadHunterLL


PromeMod cbmobs by ExampleDude

More Test Mobs

Prometheus by Ri5ux

Soon to be part of AvP Universe, this mod currently adds in a new dimension similar to the planet from the movie Prometheus (prequel to Aliens).

Prometheus Integration by Baughn

Exports statistics to the Prometheus monitoring format.

Proportional Destruction Particles by Phylogeny

A client-only mod that causes block destruction particles to only spawn in blocks' collision/bounding boxes.

Prospector Mod by MoxieGrrl, Sava

A mod that allows you to find ores.

Prospectors by Lothrazar


Prospects by dizzydizzyd

Immersive prospecting and ore vein discovery

Prospectus by cam72cam

Adds prospecting mechanic to the game

Protect Wall by Trychen

Build a unbreakable wall to protect yourself!

ProtectionPerms by Zerthick

A simple player protection and control plugin.

ProtosCraft by ProtosAlen

Adds random stuff.


This is an example mod

Proxy's Lib by ProxyNeko

A library mod for my other mods.


This is an example mod

Pseudo' Eraser by ZeAmateis

A simply configurable mod to Hide other player Nickname

Psi by Vazkii

Psionic SpellCasting Instruments

Psi Dot Products by WireSegal

dammit vazkii

Psi: Combat Magic by WedgedWolf

Adds more combat based spells to Psi.


Adds drugs into Minecraft. Psychedelicraft specializes on realism and effects. Shaders are being utilized, so keep that in mind.

Psynaps Psycraft by roflnoob

A Minecraft mod which merges the World of Warcraft and Minecraft.

Puddles by jt9/Solis_Nova123

Adds puddles!

Puffelum Mod by Savron Teraskar

There be Puffels.


Puffles in Minecraft!


It adds pugs toyour minecraft!

Pullback by

Teleportation Syndrome ACTIVATE!


This adds to Minecraft a new material:The Pulsium!

Pulver by oitsjustjose

A dynamic dust-adding mod

Pumpkin Carvier by pau101

Makes pumpkins carvable.

Pumpkin Carving by Cleverpanda

Carve pumpkin faces! Grow pumpkins without faces.

Pumpkin Clothes by licht

Happy Halloween!!

Pumpkin Spice Latte by TheMasterGeneral

For the white gurlz everywhere!

Pumpkin Tools by EnderKing

Pumpkin Tools and Armor.

PumpkinNinja AutoFishing Mod by PumpkinNinja

Automatically reel in and re-cast when fishing and it recasts after the clearlagg

Punishing Death by Lemons

Delete's your items on death!

PuppyLoveCraft by manmaed


Pure Flesh by ZephaniahNoah

Burn that zombie virus out of rotten flesh and put it to good use!

Purple Guy by CodingKid, MCreator


Purple Ore

Adds Purple Ore and Items crafted using it.

Purple Panic by CanVox

Some last minute hacks for Blightfall.

PurpleIRC by cnaude

An IRC chat relay.


This is an example mod


Added Purpleite Zombie And Spider Retextured Purpleite Diamond Sword


Adds purplerite. Just think of the possibillities!

Push and Shove by killjoy1221

Adds back players being pushed around by other players and mobs.

PvP Disabler by PbJBOSS

Allows players to disable their pvp.

PvPEssentials by StarZorrow, blowsy, dewgs, 2Pi, Fyu, Powns, OrangeMarshell, Sk1er, OFP, prplz, spiderfrog, Yario, Extazz, canelex

Includes essential forge mods for Minecraft PvP!

PvPTime by Guichaguri

Lets you choose what in-game hours you want PvP enabled. Perhaps you want to give the players yet another reason to keep indoors during the night?