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Tick Dynamic by The_Fireplace, Wildex999


All the things you never thought you will ever need

TickProfiler by nallar

A small mod for servers to assist with finding which TileEntities(machines) and Entities are being slow.

TickThreading by nallar

Mod which runs entity and tileEntity ticks in threads.

Tickrate Changer by Guichaguri

Let you change the client/server tickrate

Tier System

A configurable tier system, which allows users to block the crafting of certain items and blocks until a certain monster/animal/boss is defeated.


Starting armor tier one

Tiered Tooltips by Stapleton

Allows colouring Item tooltips based on what GameStage the item is apart of.


This is an example mod


Este mod es una actualizacion dl que ya habia hecho en a 1.5.2 espero que lo disfruten.


Nueva actualizacion del Tierra Mod

TiffitLib by Tiffit

Library of code.

Tiger's Mod (TigMod)

This adds color (mainly orange) to your world! And cool thingys

TigurForge by ExampleDude Forge Mods

Tile Accelerator by 1p6

A mod that allows you to speed up machines!

Tile Interface by elix_x


Tile Accelerators - Overpowering Automation

Tilted Starfish Galaxy Systems: Scline by Silicon, MCreator

1.6 is here!

Tim's Expansion Mod by Winnetrie

Adds new blocks, items, world generation and more


Bul moddi zhasagan Timosh.


Timber+ is a mod to recreate the effects of Timber and TreeCapitator without modifying any base files.

Timberjack by CovertJaguar

Natural tree felling.

Time Blocks by Six-One-Three

Control the time in your world!

Time Forge by JOO200

Ein Mod, welches verschiedene Zeitintervalle abfängt und nach bestimmten Zeitintervallen Nachrichten anzeigt.

Time HUD by The_Fireplace

Adds an HUD showing the time and date. Highly configurable.

Time Keeper

Keeps Time, awesomely.

Time Overhaul by Squirtle8459

This mod alters Minecraft's time to align with reality.

Time Stages by Mrbysco

Allows stages to be unlocked/locked with timers.

Time Twister Mod by Spyeedy by Spyeedy

This mod was requested by Time Twister

Time'n'Weather Stones by LordDusk

Stones to control the time and weather.

TimeChanger 1.8 by Fyu, 2Pi

1.8.* Port of the timechanger mod by Fyu


The mod will add a time machine, with which you will be able to travel in time ( so far into the Future and into the Past)

TimeScaler by w00tguy123

Changes the speed of day & night

TimeStopper Mod by yamanta

This mod adds a Time Stopper.


This is an example mod


Manipulate time itself and extend the time of day!

Timers of Death by Ashleee

Do not die too often, you silly fox!

Timestamps by g4bri3l

A mod that adds timestamps to your ingame chat

Tinkegration by Turbo

Adds support for materials from various mods to Tinker's Construct.

Tinker I/O by GKB

Smeltery Upgrade!

Tinker's Aether by Shnupbups

Adds Aether materials and stuff to Tinker's Construct.

Tinker's JEI by possible_triangle

Currently only adds a JEI tab to show tool material stats

Tinker's MiddleEarth by TheCrafter4000

Makes Mevans LotR mod and TiC compatible

Tinkered Hegemony by asiekierka

Powerful way to disable vanilla tools and replace them with Tinker's Construct equivalents.

Tinkering by MPMob

Insane Tinkering for all your needs.

Tinkers Alloying Addon by Zkaface, Chefe

An addon for Tinkers' Construct! 32 New Materials including 16 various alloys.

Tinkers Arsenal by RedstoneParadox

A mod adding a few new materials and many tools, weapons, and whatnot to Tinkers Construct

Tinkers Construct Auto Tool Station by MaPePeR

Adds a Block that instantly applies modifiers to Tinkers Construct Tools

Tinkers Construct OpenComputers Driver by Brisingr Aerowing

Adds OpenComputers Drivers for Tinkers Construct multiblocks

Tinkers Tool Leveling by boni

A small mod that gives your tools XP and awards extra modifiers on levelup

Tinkers Tool Leveling Bow addon by coldform

Adds tool leveling for bows and crossbows

Tinkers' Addons by oitsjustjose

Adding back old modifiers to Tinkers' Construct 2.0

Tinkers' Compendium by Lance5057

A defense related expansion for TConstruct

Tinkers' Complement by KnightMiner

Addon for Tinkers Construct adding various features to complement those from Tinkers

Tinkers' Compliment by KnightMiner

Addon for Tinkers Construct adding various features to complement those from Tinkers

Tinkers' Construct

A little of this, a little of that, a lot of tinkering, and a lot of tools

opensource tools

Tinkers' Construct Logger

Dumps Tinkers' Construct Tool Material data to a CSV file

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Add-on for Extra Golems to support Tinkers' Construct

Tinkers' Golems Addon by sky01

Use TCon blocks to build golems!

Tinkers' Mechworks

Tinkers' Mechworks is a addon to Tinker's Construct which adds drawbridges, igniters, filters, and more!

Tinkers' Steelworks by Toops

A steel-based expansion for Tinkers' Construct. Now you're tinkering with steel!

Tinkers' Yoyos by Jozufozu

Projectile melee weapons!

Tinkers' in the Sky by codycoolwaffle

A mod for adding exnihilo's hammer and crook to Tinkers' Construct tools


A TinkersConstuct Addon.

Tiny Improvements by TrickyPR

Tiny improvements to minecraft baised on a video made by SimplySarc.