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Lost Souls by McJty

Lost Soul addon mod for The Lost Cities

Lost Thaumaturgy by APengu

This mod adds a lot of content from Thaumcraft 2 and adds plenty of neat and useful magical tools that you may need to use while playing.

Lost Your Hope by Hayazo, MCreator

Additional mobs and items


This a beta test of the real mod.


Un mod Francais Par Darkaniax


Make life harder in Minecraft!

Lot's 'o Recipes by Hoofer, Jonathan, MCreator

This mod adds a TON of new recipes, including a few items in the mod.

Lot's O' Ores by Ultimate Industries, MCreator

Adds multiple new ores and equipment to your Minecraft world!

LotMetaBlockMod by LOTqwerty

Lots Of Foodstuffs

Lots of new food items and wild edibles!

Lots of Food by pifou92000

A mod adding lots of food in Minecraft !

Lots of weird things by katsi, MCreator

Made whatever came to my mind


LotsOMobs, a mod that adds so much more than mobs!


Arctic module for LotsOMobs


Desert module for LotsOMobs


Forrest and Plains module for LotsOMobs


Jungle and Swamps module for LotsOMobs


Underwater Life module for LotsOMobs

Lottery by RandomByte

LouklsGunsMod by loukl

a loukl mod

Love Mod by

Work in Progess.


sanchan's mod

LoveMod by Turtle

This is a love mod made for my girlfriend!

LovelyRobot by Lilac

make a Lovely Robot.

LovenKyuMod by LovenKyu, MCreator

Le meilleur mod de la planète Terre

Low Tech Crafting by masa, Xcom6000

A slightly better Crafting Table, that _can be_ automated

Loyalty Medals by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85

Rewards for playtime

Loyalty Rewards by Mrbysco, svennieke, iskall85, DownWithTaxation

Rewards for playtime

LuaCraft by LuaStoned, BlackAwps, iRzilla, Skooch

LuaCraft allows you to script Minecraft with Lua.

Luck of the Straw by AtomicBlom

Registers every item in the creative menu as seeds

LuckPerms by Luck

A permissions plugin

Lucky Beans by Jacky1356400

Bean Boozled in Minecraft!

Lucky Block by Player in Distress

The Lucky Block. What will you get?

Lucky Blocks Mod by jond311

It makes mining fun!

Lucky Button by sinkillerj

Gives a Lucky Block on click.

Lucky Cases by Intektor

Open cases an get items


This is a Lucky Block fan mod

Lucraft: Core by Lucraft

Core mod for all Lucraft mods.

Lucraft: World by TheCrafterL

The ore core mod for Lucraft Mods.


Adds grappling hook stuffs.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Luke's Star Wars Mod by Rotmax, MCreator

A Star Wars mod


Creepy Herobrine Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2! Created by LukeR gamer

Luma by KelMai

Luma adds colored Luma Lamps and Multilamps which change color according to redstone power strength

Lumen by River Leviathan

A mod that adds various light orbs to the world, like fireflies or Will o' the Wisps.

Luminous Flowers by pekorin

§bキレイ§cに §eお花§cが 咲きました!!

Lumpi by Eman_not_ava, Purplicious_Cow

LeKoopa's Lumpi!

LunaTest by Lunatrius

Debugging mod. Does nothing useful.

LunatriusCore by Lunatrius

A collection of utilities for Lunatrius' mods.

library opensource


My second modification, please love it <3 xD


for lunern

Luppii's Green Mod by Luppii

Aesthetic items and blocks!

Luppii's Ladders by Luppii


Lutronic's Pixel Art Mod by Lutronic

Convert pictures into Minecraft structures.

Luxxy Akatsuki by SirLuxxy

Only with permission of @LuxxyGraphics.

Luxxy Armor by SirLuxxy

Exclusive for DBCBlasting server.

Luxxy Heroes by SirLuxxy

Only with permission of @LuxxyGraphics.

LxTweaks by Lorexe

Tweaks recipes and things for my modpacks.

Lycanites Mobs by Lycanite (Richard Nicholson)

Lycanites Mobs is a project that adds a wide range of new mobs to Minecraft. The mod adds a group of mobs to each specific biome type as well as other locations such as from Fire or Lava.


Lyndome's Fandom Props Mod by Lyndome

A mod which adds in props from various fandoms.

Lyra's Magnificent Trinkets by LyraKitsune

Pool's Closed


you can do a lot of things with Lytte

Lzhx UI by huangtian_hookan


This is an example mod

M'Ore Seeds by Z_Doctor

Adds material plants into the game. Send feed back to: