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Colored Wool by Nauja

Wool with full RGB color.


Mod adds colored blocks.

ColoredLights by Razzokk

This Mod brings colored lamps to Minecraft. It also tries to unify the use of color stuff in general.

ColoredRedstone by awesomemancam

Adds the ability to color redstone so that currents do not conflict with each other. Dyes are used to craft the colored redstone.

ColoredStainedGlass by NurseAngel, mikoton


ColoredStainedGlass by Mikoton, NurseAngel


The Plugin to color your Tablist!


many collored things...


This is mod with colored wood planks

ColoredWater by BillyGalbreath

Water, but colored. Oh my!

ColoredWaters by Cyphrags

Extending Minecraft with custom colored waters!


Adds colored wood.

Colorful Armor

Dye all your armor.

Colorful Armor Lite by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

Colorful Blocks by Elix_x

Colorful Health Bar by LocusWay, Tfarecnim

Customizable wrapping health bar

Colorful Sheep by UpcraftLP

makes colored sheep spawn naturally!

Colorful Stars

Colorful Stars.

Colorful Tools by Torquebolt

Stand out from the crowd

Colorful Tools

Dye all your tools.

ColorfulBuilding 1.12.2 - ver.1.1.0 by johnc, MCreator

Enter short description here

ColorfulBuildings-beta0.3 by Jordy178, MCreator

Enter short description here


§0C§1o§2l§3o§4r§5e§6d §2CommandBlocks


This is a mod that adds colored wood to your game


New Version: Crash Bug Fixed

Colorizer by alikimoko

Every webcollor within reach.

Colors by A Deathly Touch

Colors adds 16 differently colored blocks, a pretty Rainbow block, and an Enderpearl that goes farther! And all blocks light up when given a Redstone Signal! (Configurable)


mod dodaje nowe kolorowe bloki.

Colossal Chests by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

For when regular chests are too small

Coloured Beds Mod by Gorion91, Master801

Adds more beds in Minecraft!

Coloured Lanterns by lerrific

Now you can colour lanterns! .. Hurrah?

Coloured Sea Lanterns by _CA

Adding colour to your minecraft world using sea lanterns since now!

Coloured Tooltips by Darkhax

Allows tooltip colour to be configured.

Coloured Torches by TimtheBrick

Adds different coloured torches into the game!

ColouredBlocks Mod by UnderMybrella

The uncolourable can become colourable

ColouredChat by uberifix, offbeatwitch

Simply adds random name colours to chat


This mod add Marble and marble brick, and coloured Marble and Marble Brick


This is a mod that allows you to find twelve different coloured stone blocks throughout your world!

Colourful Portals Mod by Tmtravlr

Adds colourful portals, which are made with a wool or stained clay frame and colourful water. For more info/change logs, visit the forum post at the url above.

Column by Kerberos


Colytra by C4

Allows attachment of elytras to chestplates and includes an elytra bauble for Baubles

ComPatchedStorage by Shadows_of_Fire

A patch for Compact Storage

Combat Armor by CrafterOfMines57

Adds combat armors

Combat Fix! by ExampleDude

Making Minecraft's combat less horrible.

Combat Help by McJty

Combat helper stuff

Combat Tagged! by Laike_Endaril

Consequences for combat logging/pvp logging!

CombatCooldown-- by p455w0rd aka TheRealp455w0rd

Removes the cooldown from melee attacks


This Mod Adds new items to minecraft combat

Combatica by Nano

Combatica is a combat oriented mod, with the idea of balancing both magic and arms combat.

Combine Slabs

Allows you to combine two different slabs together.

Combined Potions by crazysnailboy

Allow crafting of multiple potions into a single potion with multiple effects

Combustible Lemon Launcher by iBuilder99

"I'm gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down" - Cave Johnson

Combustive Fishing by C4

Have you ever wanted to try fishing in lava? Now you can!

Comforts by C4

Adds sleeping bags for going on adventures without setting a new spawn. Comes in 16 different colors!

Command Block Recipe by DocGandalf

Adds an Infusion Altar recipe for a command block

Command Blocks for Better Questing by LOKKO12

Admin Commands as Blocks for SSP

Command Button by noung

this mod just set button for use command.

Command Group Mod by CrushedPixel

Allows Mapmakers to label and color groups of Command Blocks. Idea by @aaxel818

Command Keybindings by The_Fireplace

Allows you to bind commands to keys

Command Keybindings by The_Fireplace

Allows you to bind two commands to keys

Command Keybindings Version Checker by The_Fireplace

The version checker for Command Keybindings

Command Logs by Nucha

Displays commands what you typed

Command Runner Mod 1.1 by Caleb and Grampy

Runs the command runner ExecuteFile for 1.9 to 1.10

Command Syntax Highlighter by CrushedPixel

Highlights syntax in chat commands. Round, square and curly brackets are colored, number casts are tinted red when incorrect. Enables Tab Autocompletion in Command Blocks.

CommandAPI by thislooksfun

An API for adding commands to the game

CommandBlockingManager by ustc_zzzz

A sponge and bungeecord plugin for blocking commands sent by players

CommandFix by Selrahc13

Expands @d/@dp to playername in passed commands

CommandItems by Eufranio

Item based commands, permissions, cooldowns and more!

CommandKey by Maximilian Schelbach

Press one key to execute a long command


This plugin enables server admins to create portals that execute specific commands.


This plugins enables server admins to create signs that run a list of commands, targeting the player who clicks them.

CommandUtils by RandomByte

Commander by mchorse

Advanced command usage