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Craftable Spawn Eggs by Alexcamostyle

Allows spawn eggs to be crafted.

Craftable Waypoints

The most survival-friendly waypoints mod!

CraftableAnimals MoCreature extension.

Adds a set of CraftableAnimals for all MoCreaures.


This mod will enable the user to craft Chainmail Armor.

CraftableEXP by grabmyrooster

Adds a crafting recipe for Bottle 'O Enchanting


Be able to craft the end portal frame after defeating the ender dragon!


This is an example mod


Do you want to visit the end again after killing the dragon for some purposes? Is the Stronghold very far away? Fear not, this mod will help you!

CraftableFarmland by defeatedcrow


Make fire and lava!


Craftable Gunpowder the second version

CraftableHorseArmor by DemoXin

Dress your steed to impress! Adds recipes for crafting saddles and horse armors.


Craft fire + lava + obsidian!


Cook flesh to make leather strips. Use 5 strips in an X pattern to make leather. Wool makes 4 strings, and 4 strings makes wool.


adds Craftable Mushrooms to Minecraft


This is a mod that once you have 1 type of resource and an empty ore, you won't have to mine again


Makes all records craftable


For craft the Redstone


This is an example mod

Craftables 1.6.4 by TheCombatCA, Goldey444

Craft the Uncraftable!

Craftble Nether Star by famil, MCreator

for minecraft 1.11.2


This mod enhances your world with blocks, tools, and the Crystal Dimension.

Crafteable Totem And ChainMail Armor Mod by Wofelet, MCreator

Craft All Armors! and the totem...


This is an example mod


This mod adds in new and awesome things to minecraft!

Crafting Automat by Lolcroc

A vanilla-esque autocrafter

Crafting EX by kegare

Crafting Table can crafting duplicated recipes.

Crafting EX by kegare

Crafting Table will be to support crafting of duplicated recipes.

Crafting Handbook by Ruuubi

Adds a Recipe Book to support easier and portable crafting.

Crafting Harmonics by TarynWinterblade

Mod for managing crafting recipes.

Crafting Ideas Mod by guhenry3

Expanding Minecraft, through random crafting recipes!

Crafting Keys by skate702, 0xSeb

Simple better crafting! Crafing Keys enables new inventory key-bindings to speed up your crafting.

Crafting Makes Sense by FireControl1847

Have you ever found that some of the crafting recipies in Minecraft don't make sense? Well we're to fix that problem!

Crafting Nether Star by ZeckG

Makes nether stars craftable.

Crafting Paradise by Lumaceon

Custom mod by Lumaceon for the Crafting Paradise modpack. Biome swappers, research notes and planets. Basically a 'glue' mod to patch up the pack and make it work nicely.

Crafting Pillars Mod by Dawars, FBalazs379

Adds a redesigned crafting table. You interact with it directly. Others can see what you are doing. Things won't pop out every time you go away.

Crafting Redstone by JasminePlaysMC

This is a way to craft redstone in the game so you can make getting redstone for the machines easier!

Crafting Suite by bau5

A collection of additional crafting opportunities.

Crafting Tweaks by BlayTheNinth

Allows you to rotate or clear the crafting matrix by the press of a button, in any (supported) crafting window.

Crafting Utilities by Keridos, HarmonySmurf

Adds a bunch of handy recipes and some Microblocks/Facades for some mods. And an autocrafter.

Crafting is a Breeze by d4rkstar00

Crafting is a Breeze is a very simple mod that adds new recipes into Minecraft. You can uncraft items to get some resources back.

CraftingCosts by Sangar

Addon for NotEnoughItems for showing overall costs for crafting items.

CraftingCraft by BlayTheNinth

Adds a bunch of Crafting Tables, including two portable ones. Companion mod to Crafting Tweaks.


This is an example mod


This mod adds craft eggs the call and spawner

CraftingSlabs by shadowfacts

A simple mod to add slab versions of the crafting table


you Can Craft Spawneggs

CraftingTableEX by kegare

The CraftingTableEX mod.


Adds Crafting Table Recipe

Craftus Machinilorum by Trevi Awater

Extending minecraft with useful machines and tools!

CraftyTweaks by GGCrosby, MCreator

Adds crafting recipes.

CrammingPressurePlate by HoldYourWaffle

Ultra weighted pressure plate with a maximum weight of the current maxEntityCramming gamerule. Can be configured to only give out a redstone signal when the maximum cramming is reached (default) or to spread out the increase of the signal like the other pressure plates

Crankerer's Odyssey by Crankerer

Find and explor Shipwrecks!



Crappy Ores (?) by Ivorius, TripleHeadedSheep, diesieben07

Adding tons of Ores, potentially maybe not useful.

Crash by Noppes

Crash Arrow by ipipip0129

Crash Arrow Mods.