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Steam Advantage by DrCyano

Add-on mod to Power Advantage that adds steam-powered machines to Minecraft

Steam Age Revolution by warlordjones, SkySom, ProfessorProspector

Steam Age Revolution: Formerly known as Steamcraft2

Steam Engines Mod - Magie Addon by MeisterSkywalker alias SkyProgs, Mantes

Das Addon fügt die magischen Lederrüstungen, Teufelseisen und den magischen Marmor ein.

Steam Motion by jf908

Steam Motion Mod

Steam and Steel by Rorax, ScottKillen

A Minecraft mod about steampunk tech and adventure.


This is an example mod

SteamCraft by Proloe, GotoLink

SteamPowered by Lord Joda, Sangar

A bunch of low-to-medium-tech machines powered by steam.


Steamp=Punk in Minecraft

SteamWorld by Zaexides

A steam-based technology mod.

Steamapelligo by ExampleDude

Me testing this out before I make it do cool things


Bringing the Steam Revolution to Minecraft

Steely Glint by akkamaddi, Sinhika

iron and steel alloys

Stellar API by Abastro

API for mods related with sky and celestial sphere.

Stellar Sky by Abastro

Constellations & Planets in Minecraft! You can see Real Sky with this mod.

StellarCraft by Abastro

Constellations & Planets in Minecraft! You can see Real Sky with this mod.

StepAssist Control by BlayTheNinth

Adds a key to toggle step assist provided by other mods, such as Botania.

StepUp by NotTooManyItems

Allows for stepping up 1 block height without having to jump. Like in the game Trove. Client sided mod that works on singleplayer and some multiplayer servers.

Sterling and Black by akkamaddi, Sinhika

Sterling Steel and Black Silver alloys to Zot's Only Silver. Fusion Furnace plug-in

Steve's Bizarre Adventure by KnightDemon

Jojo Bizarre Adventure mod, originally released by 'VG'.

Steve's Carts 2

Steve's Carts 2 is the minecraft mod dedicated to let you experience the minecart system to its max

Steve's Machine Overhaul by SteveBeeblebrox, RedstoneTim, and Maideniles

More machines, armor, tools, and items that fit with the vanilla theme along with optional vanilla tweaks

Steve's Pantry by kg6jay, awweaver, Inari

Steves Pantry full of awesome food.

Steve's Universe by Polar Hexx, Drake Baublitz

A minecraft adaptaion of the orignial Cartoon Network show: Steven Universe.

Steve's Universe by Koslaw99, PolarHexx

A Minecraft adaptation of the original Cartoon Network show: Steven Universe.

Steve's Workshop by Vswe

Adds a modular production table for crafting and smelting


A Miscellaneous Mod


This is a StevenUniverse mod


The Crystal Gems

Steves Inferno 2 by martinbv95, MCreator

Go to hell!

Steves Inferno Endorium by martinbv95, MCreator

Go to hell and beyon

StevesDistributorKludge by QuantumZari



this mod is for minecraft 1.


Steve goes to hell!

Stew Block by thatgamerblue

Ultimate stew block


A Stew Mod

Stick Of Commander by Noto

Hey commander! It makes what you use world command easy.


Stick Of Death is OP

Sticky Fingers by BordListian


Sticky Sleep by Rhilenova

"Sleep" well on beds of web


Adds stick drops from breaking leaves




Convert Seeds!

Stimulus by MiningMark48

Stimulate your blocks and make them work faster.

Stingray's Hostile Aliens Mod 1.0.3 by Stingray Productions, MCreator

Adds hostile aliens!

StireTweaks by raspen0

Example placeholder mod.


Add more biomes with stock minecraft stuffs!


This is an example mod

Stone Blind by toblexson

Adds a range of different stone types to world gen for decorative purposes

Stone Chests by kjmaster1

Stone chests for minecraft

Stone Crafting Table by TheRealp455w0rd

Adds a limited-use variant of the vanilla crafting table

Stone Dust by neocromicon

Stone Ladder by Foghrye4

Set of various stone ladders

Stone Lamp by tterrag

Stone Tool by CHIBAKENMA!

Stone Torches by covers1624, vertex101

Add stone torches.

Stone Tree by ShirukoSoba

Add useful woods.

StoneBlock Dimensions by FTB_lag


StoneBlockUtilities by FTB_lag

Simple utilities for StoneBlock pack.


This is an example mod