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Infinity Block by Henry Loenwind

The Infinity Block is a distributed storage. Each player has 16 channels, and all Infinity Blocks that belong to the same player and channel share an inventory.

Infinity Coins by aMUSiC

Aimed mostly for server admins who want to include an actual representation of currency in their server without too much hassle.

Infinity Core by Jason_McRay

Core mod for InfiTech modpack

Infinity Gauntlet by needoriginalname

Adds the Infinity Gauntlet and Gems

Infinity Item Editor by Ruukas

Bringing back features of All-U-Want item editor and more in a simple interface!

Infinity Mine by TheCombatCA, MrSheepCo, applebottem

Its so overpowered, Even Chuck Norris cant make it better!

Infinity Storage by LousyLynx

A fork of Refined Storage, to bring back a couple of key features from AE2.

Infinity's Cheatbreaker by InfinityZ

This mod is based on CheatbreakerHUD mod.

InfinityBound by xlash123

Where infinity is the limit.


Add Big Storage Chest

InfinityCraft by Rowan662

Adds a lot of new ores, items, food, weapons and armor!!


This mod adds The Infinity Stones and Gauntlet from The Marvel Comics and Cinematic Universe.

InfinityLib by InfinityRaider

Library mod for InfinityRaider's mods


Oh Magical


This is an example mod

Infinity_crystals by kuuy3,kunerin

Added Infinity Crystals.


Ive been working on Monsters...


Adds Strong Tools & Armours


The most powerful ore in minecraft!

Influence by ExampleDude

Mod Api.

Info Accessories by Darkhax

Trinkets to help you better understand your world.

InfoMod by Outi


InfoToolTip by UniversalLP

Shift shows the tooltip of the held item while in a gui. Control shows the tooltip of the equipped item outside a gui. Alt shows the tooltip of the item you're looking at.

InfraRedstone by b0undarybreaker, Falkreon

A better analog redstone replacement!

Inftech Mod by InfecteD

Includes some customization This mod was loaded by The JavaScript MOD Loader

Infused Creatures

Applications of Thaumaturgy to living creatures

Infused Ring Mod by Naturaspell

Infused Weaponry by Luisito

Op Tools.

Infusion Craft by Squirtle8459

Adds Random Tools & Armor!

Ingame Account Switcher by Elvm

Allows you to switch between accounts.

Ingame Server Switcher by canelex

Allows you to connect to another server directly from the current server.

Ingame UserName Changer by rakion99

A simple mod to change your ingame username.

IngameInfo by bspkrs

Want to know how much score you have without having to die? In need of real time information like weather, light level or your world size as you explore? Then this mod is for you!

clientside HUD opensource

Ingotarium Mod by TwiLordMC

Adds Ingotarium Ingots and blocks which can be used to make minerals like coal, iron and diamond.

IngotsAplenty by 33kingkiller

Too... Many... INGOTS!


Adds new structures inhabited by villagers


The Inheritance/Eragon book series in Minecraft!

InkMagic by StereoPT

Innocence by s0baco

InputMethodBlocker by SkyStardust

To block input method gaming.

InsLib by insert

Shared code and classes for my mods.

Insane Cookies Mod

Insane Cookies added to minecraft

Insane Wither by DrLuigi

He is here again.

InsaneCraft by Hofboy

This mod adds a new way to fight in the endgame. Using nether stars you can craft extremely powerful weapons and armour.

Insanity by Sironin

crazy hardcore tweaks

Insectia by Lomeli12

Collect bugs. Use bugs to produce stuff and collect more bugs to produce stuff. THE CYCLE NEVER ENDS! ...also spiders

Insert Mod Name Here by Juuxel

Just some random things.

Insomniac by Tage

Disables sleeping, but still sets your spawnpoint.


This plugin enables servers to monitor griefing and provides rollback.


This is an inspector gadget mod


This plugin enables servers to monitor griefing and provides rollback.

Inspirations by KnightMiner

Adds many small features with a vareity of inspirations.

Insta Boom by AKTheKnight

Gives creepers a chance to instantly explode when they are attacked by a player.

Insta House

Adds plenty of structures that can be instantly spawned with a flick of a staff.

Insta House

Adds plenty of structures that can be instantly spawned with a flick of a staff.

InstaBackup by DiabolusNeil

Allows you to easily create and delete backups of your world.

InstaPlay for Hypixel by JGSBroadcast

Creates a GUI that allows you to join games instantly on Hypixel.

InstaTower by m27315

Jump start exploration with InstaTower.


Dit is een mod van CrackingBytes

Instant Blocks by Slymask3

This mod adds 11 new 'Instant Blocks' to the game. These blocks could be obtained by crafting, from the creative Instant Blocks tab, or from dungeon chests, village chests, etc. Each block generates a different structure upon right-clicking on the block with an Instant Wand.

Instant Mining Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Instant Mining Mod.

Instant Pickup Mod by Howlyhusky

A simple quality of life mod that sets the delay before picking up items to zero.

Instant Torches and Repeaters by krzyswit2

This mod adds to game instant torches and repeaters.

Instant Vape Mod by Erouax

Instantly inject Vape.

InstantCake by Schr0

Schr0`s MOD

InstantDrown by blueyu2

Causes player to instantly die if they run out of air.

InstantLava by Parly

Bring infinite lava sources to your world!

InstantUnify by MrRiegel

Unifies oredicted items automatically

Instructions unclear, sword dropped into lava. by Vexatos

In case you are too bad at this game.

Instrumental Mobs by Mrbysco

Adds instrumental mobs to Minecraft.

Instrumentus by Beanxxbot

Vanilla Style Tools and Armor from various mods!