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Handy Mods by juliand665

A bunch of little things.

Handy Recipes by redstonecrafter2

A mod that adds and modifies recipes to improve the game

Hang Glider Mod by rich1051414

Hang Glider mod. Experience the world of minecraft from your very own hang glider!

HangGlider by eracer

A stand-alone version of the hang glider from openblocks

Hangable Maps by hide92795

Let's try to hang maps on the wall! You can make a large map!

HaoH by Administrator, MCreator

HaoHsMoreFoodMOD by Administrator, MCreator

Happy Creepers Mod by Nathan43615

Adds Happy Creepers into Minecraft!

Happy Landings by Hubry

Soft landings from falls and flying into walls.

Happy Little Mod by Selim_042

Very simple mod. Just look at a tooltip.

Happy PVP by ExampleDude

PVP more happy.

HappyDiggers Announcements by fredoduquartier

This will notify players about HappyDiggers mod packs.

HarDeath by FeelZoR

Makes the death scarier than ever.

Harcore Survival Mod by UpcraftLP

Small mod making Minecrafts earlygame more realistic and difficult.

Hard Colonies by GGCrosby, MCreator

An add-on for the mod MineColonies

Hard Mode Tweaks by Hea3veN

Gameplay changes.

Hard Mode Tweaks by Hea3veN

Gameplay changes.

Hard2Mine by Async

A minecraft forge mod that makes it just that harder to mine

HardCore Nomad

Example placeholder mod.

HardHealth by jgile2 by jgile2

Makes it so if you are in hard mode you will not regen health

Hardcore Alchemy by asanetargoss

Powering the Hardcore Alchemy Modpack.

Hardcore Armor by MCJediYoda

Armor, Armor and Armor

Hardcore Cheater by Portablejim

For those that want to cheat in hardcore

Hardcore Craftable Horse Armor by SackCastellon

The Hardcore version of my previous Mod: 'Craftable Horse Armor'

Hardcore Darkness by lumien

Removes the minimum light that's always present in minecraft.

Hardcore Dimension Expansion by creepersgalore and ZombieEnderman5

Adds and changes the vanilla Minecraft dimensions.

Hardcore Ender Expansion by chylex

Hardcore Ender Expansion offers unique, new content across the End. The dragon became a truly challenging boss with a great reward, but the adventure doesn't end there. The End is no longer just an island. Go investigate unique ores, battle new mobs, travel to new biomes, the death awaits you!

dimension worldgen dungeons survival hardcore

Hardcore Enderdragon by chylex, qwertygiy

Are you ready for a thrilling battle? The End is redefined. Deadly attacks, exciting battle music, epic reward and more! §nAdditional credits:§r Matt (Podcrash) - the Adventurer's Diary | check out Podcrash channel! G8house (TheSBCast) - the dungeon tower | check out TheSBCast channel! vadis365 - couple models and textures setosorcerer - huge support of the mod and its development ARavinMadMonkey - help with building the temple Minecraft community - all the amazing feedback :) & - new sound effects

Hardcore Expanded by TheWerty1124

Fear death again and add more of a challenge without worrying about losing your world.

Hardcore Island by Team Jakojäännös

'cos losing is fun!

Hardcore ORE by MCJediYoda

Adds ORES, Dust, Ingot, Block of various metals and modded metals. You will need another mod to generate the ores.

Hardcore Questing Mode by Vswe, Lorddusk, Newcastlegeek

This mod will add Hardcore mode with extra lives. If you use up your lives, your world will be deleted or you will be banned,


Hardcore Revival by BlayTheNinth

Example placeholder mod.

Hardcore Tools by MCJediYoda


Hardcore Torches by Wolfie_Waffle

Torches that burn out. Meant as a replacement for Unlit Torches in 1.7.10+.

Hardcore Wither by Thor12022

Making the Wither harder since 2015

Hardened Stone Tools by isoldbreakfast

Adds hardened stone tools.


Adds Hardened Diamonds!

Harder Farming by Draco18s

Animals die and reproduce, crops take more time to grow, etc.

Harder IC2 Coolent by Tommsy64

A tiny mod to remove the IC2 coolent recipe that uses regular water.

Harder Mobs With Distance by UnstoppableN

Increases mob damage and health over distance

Harder Ores by Draco18s

Harder stuff

Harder Peaceful

Increases the difficulty of peaceful by removing health and food regeneration.

Hardware Plus by WiseNoobCrusher


HariboteAirCraft by yamato(waco)

Moving craft that making by blocks

HariboteWheels by Ferne

Built against Forge


Adds voice control for Minecraft - mainly for accessibility, but fun things happen if glasses are worn.

opensource accessibility

HarkenScythe by Jade Knightblazer

Introduces Scythes, Soul System, teleportation, resurection and cake!

Harmony by IntFox

Obtain Mob drops through alternate means


This is an example mod

Harry Potter Wands

Brings a touch of Harry Potter magic to Minecraft.

Harshen Castle by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more

Harshen Universe by kenijey, Wyn Price

Rituals&souls&blood, big structures with powerful bosses&mobs&traps, armors&tools&accessories, new dimensions and more

Harvest by JT9

Adds a variety of plant life to your world

Harvest Festival

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Harvest Moon

A Mod inspired by the Harvest Moon series of games

Harvest Scythe by JorVa

A simple item to harvest a 3x3.

Harvest Tweaks by boni

A small mod that allows to customize harvest levels

HarvestCraft Waila Fixes by squeek

An add-on for Pam's HarvestCraft that fixes a few missing names/icons in Waila tooltips

opensource survival addon

HarvestReader by Jaredlll08

Gives information about Harvset Festival Crops!

HarvestTooltip by raspen0

Displays Tool Harvestlevels.

HarvestTooltips by raspen0

Displays Tool Harvest levels.

HarvestWithDispenser by defeatedcrow

Harvestables by TechnicianLP

Harvest your crops by rightclicking

Harvester's Night by Lykrast

Entry for MMD Spooky Jam 2018. Fight the Harvester when its night comes.

Hat Chest by DjGiannuzz

Move chest easly!

Hat Stand Crafting Mod by manmaed

Addes a Crafting Recipe for iChuns Hat stand (And Other Things)

HatStand by iChun

Addon for Hats, a Hat Stand block to display hats.

Hatari - Minecraft Hack by adiantek_ovh

Hatari - Minecraft Hack with custom GUI

Hatchery by GenDeathrow

Dont waste those eggs anymore! Become your own chicken farmer!

Hats by iChun

Adds a bunch of hats, as wells as the ability to add more, into Minecraft

Hats Mod

Put any block on your head with the press of a button! (H)

HauntingMod by Tim Maughan

Custom costume mod built for Project HAUNTING

Haven by enc0d3r

WIP Haven


Mod de HavenRP