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MobLimit by TrenTech

Limit number of mobs that spawn in a given world

MobLoot by jmeyer2k (Sonicboy2k)

Get awesome loot from mobs.


This mod adds new mobs that act like zombies and ores


Made by Seamusmario

MobRecipes by Gods



Add mob resources in the world


This is a fun mod that lets you craft blocks to summon your favourite mobs!

MobSpawningPlus by XxRexRaptorxX (RexRaptor)

This mod spawns more creatures in your world!

MobSplice by ganymedes01

Manipulate genetic traits of mobs and create your own! Zombie sounding exploding squids? You got it!

MobTalker2 by Chimaine, xs2007

A visual novel engine for Minecraft

MobTest by rich1051414


Mobmania by Got Gaming?

Mobmania, the ultimate mob mod.


Mobs Collection In the Minecraft!

MobsCrops by NaturaSpell




This is an example mod

MobsPoop by goreacraft

Mobs must poop

Mobular Machinery by abused_master, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT

A mod based around steampunk, mobs, machines, and more!

Mobultion by McpeCommander

Animaina-like mobs

Mod Alter by reteo

Custom Recipes for various mods' Machines and Materials. This mod was loaded by The JavaScript MOD Loader

Mod Amethyst Ore by Darber7005, MCreator

Amethyst Ore Mod

Mod Checker by GameGunner5

Client mod checker for servers.

Mod Control by lumien

A small server mod that allows you to blacklist/whitelist the mods users are allowed to use.

Mod Downloader by KewaiiGamer

This most will create a config where you can write the url for the mods you want to download when the game starts

Mod Dream Craft by DreamMasterXXL

Core mod for the DCraft pack.

Mod FeedTheMichel by MrBenji285

Mod ajoutant une monnaie, le FTMCoin, qui peut être échangé contre des items.

Mod Info Finder by Horfius

A simple idea I had and made, enjoy! If you have ideas or things you'd want to see from these files, but don't, please leave a message on the thread!

Mod Info Lister by noahc3

Tool for modpack creators. Exports mod information such as names, versions, authors, etc to a CSV file in ./ModInfoLister/modlist.csv

Mod Inspector by mike

Extracts various game data.

Mod List Dumper by UntouchedWagons

Writes the list of installed mods to the standard output.

Mod Lister by Vazkii

A mod that lists mod. Whenever you load the game, this mod creates a file with the mods you have loaded and info about them,

Mod M by TinouHD, Burning

Mod in DEV

Mod Manager by Mimus

Simple manager de Mod

Mod Name Tooltip by mezz

Show the ItemStack's mod on its tooltip.

Mod Name fire by Marfin, MCreator

Enter short description here

Mod Namecns by shwarma, MCreator


Mod Power Game by Folgansky

Only created for Power Game

Mod Suffercraft by Azword

Mod développé par Azword pour Suffercraft.

Mod Survivant by elx9000

Le mod ultime de la survie

Mod na Unown Bloki by Zyczu by zyczu

Mod dodaje na nowo Unown Blocki, ktĂłre twĂłrcy pixelmoda usuneli z minecraft!

Mod na pĂłlschodki by Zyczu by zyczu

Mod dodaje nowe pĂłlschodki do minecraft!

Mod na pĂłlschodki by Zyczu by zyczu

Mod dodaje nowe pĂłlschodki do minecraft!

Mod1 by

Japanese and English translation are 100%


This is an mod


mod divertido para mudar o minecraft


This is a little weired mod I put together over the weekend


Ban Mods

ModBasis by Gods_Help

A little mod developed just for fun.


This is an example mod

ModBioCodeV2 by Furti_32, MCreator

Bio and Code


Provides final control over mods to the player.

ModClothingplus by Titoo8899, MCreator

new Clothing in Minecraft




Enter short description here

ModGUI by MinusKube

Mod permettant de modifier le GUI du base du jeu.

ModGames Forge Mod by mypalsminecraft, TurtlePoop2001

The mod that governs all minigames.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod