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NEI Easy Search by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese

NEI Easy Serach by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese

NEI Forestry Plugin by smbarbour

Adds Forestry shaped crafting (i.e. Multifarms) handler to NEI

NEI Integration by tonius11

NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time.

NEI Mystcraft Plugin by heldplayer

Adds Mystcraft objects to NEI.

NEI Plugins by mistaqur

Mod for NEI that reveal some information about Bees/Trees breeding and products. Also adds [?] button support for alternate crafting tables from many mods

util addon

NEI Recipe Handlers by Crafted_Mods (a.k.a. The_Ranger_Malvegil or just Malvegil)

This Mod adds an extended recipe handler API for NEI

NEIlootbags by Gigabit101

Adds Lootbags loot no NEI


Create By JacketCh

NEoA by Mowmaster

Tweeks for NEoA


Pixelmon Core Mod


More blocks for your enjoyment


This is an example mod

NG Money by ultrasn0wz

Simple currency Items, created for ultrasn0wz Modpack.

NHAVE's Core Mod by nhave

Core mod for all my mods.

NHAVE's Library by nhave

A library of function used by all my mods

NHAVE's Tech Mod by nhave

NHAVE's Tech Mod


NJMO's first offcial mod!

NJay's Easter Mod by NJay

A mod that adds over 1500 different easter eggs to the game

NJay's Unicorn Mod by NJay15

This mod adds unicorn mobs and some unicorn-related items into Minecraft.

NK Mod by Katho

Example placeholder mod.

NMCLC (NoMoreCapsLockCommands) by Hennamann

Converts commands to lowercase to save time when typing commands while capslock is on.

NO!! by NO THANKS!, MCreator

NU UH!!!!



NOVA by TeamDman_9201

A Blood Magic addon adding whatever I can think of.


Questa mod è ancora in beta quindi la descrizione non è disponibile

NPC Integration by Funwayguy

Provides tasks and rewards to integrate Custom NPCs into Better Questing

NPC Mod by canelex, OFP, boomboompower

Summons a client-side NPC, 1.8.9 version by OFP & boomboompower

NPCs by Daniel12321

A plugin that adds simple custom NPC's to your worlds.

NVLBlocks by NVL

Adds Tools and Machines


NVL's Industrial Craft 2 Machines


NVL's WarpDrive Extensions


Mod creata per aggiungere oggetti al modpack NYKK3CRAFT S2

N_Ores by LeponigHD


Naberius - The Demon Realm by Kendoshii

Example placeholder mod.

NamCraft Mod by ScottehBoeh

VietNam in Minecraft!



Name Changer by Bennay

Change your nameplate and chat handle.

Name Collector by bugfroggy

Sloppy mod just to collect a ton of Minecraft usernames in one place

Name Formatter by Reflxction

A mod which highlights Impurity members.

Name History Mod by Nucha

Add a command that can check a player's name history

Name Modifier by Reflxction

A mod which changes your name

NameChecker by SiroQ

In Game player name checker for 1.9.4


Get Blocks and Items Unique Name

Named Heads by 14mRh4X0r

Shows names above heads when they're aimed at

Namenax Mod by Namensammler42

Die Offizielle Namenax Mod!

Nametag Editor by Fiw

Allows you to change the look of nametags

Nametag Mod by canelex

Allows you to view your own name in third person (with colors!)

Nametags Tweaks by HunterzCZ

Displays nametag only player on which it looks

Namrocs Bag of Holding by Namroc Smith

Random thoughts and things from Namroc Smith

NandoCore by q3hardcore

Shared core for Nandonalt's mods.

NandoProps by q3hardcore

Properties library for Nandonalt's mods.

Nanite Mod by Mast3rPlan, maxss, gruetzkopf, geret13


Nano Laser by Pio

Add a mining laser enhanced.

NanoN by Weissmoon

Shotgun designed for NanoSounds.

Nanotech Server Addon

An addon for the nanotech server.

Nappa Kun Mod by shu3

Nappa's kun is very useful.

Naruto C

I have my own ideas i want in a MC Naruto Mod. Enjoy Naruto C! ^^


Hello this is my second published mod.Hope you like it and feel free to make mod showkases in youtube!

Nashorn Library by TarynWinterblade

Java 8 Nashorn JavaScript script engine provider library.

Nasukomod by Aoi_nasuko

It is MOD to add Nasuko.