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mod_Badguymod by Mitchellk107

the mod with the bad guys in it!!!

mod_BattleaxesMod by 9ReMiX9, MCreator

Adds beasty ass battleaxes

mod_BladesMod by OneEyeJedi, MCreator

mod_BlazeCraft by LeonardoZ3, MCreator

The amazing blaze mod for minecraft that adds lots of blaze features to your game

mod_BlockDimensionsMod by CalebTheKidRS, MCreator

mod_BlueMod by ame_b

new mineral: blue ingot

mod_BrainsToLeather by joshmoni, MCreator

Not much to say...

mod_BurritoMod by Javimania111, MCreator

¬°Burritos para todos!

mod_CPC by Phuck_Yu_Too

This is an extension os the CPCraft mod.

mod_CarrotsComprehensive by pwnage365, MCreator


mod_CarsandVehiclesMod by CoolDude450/SamHaire, MCreator

Drive and have fun!

mod_CatCraft by Jake Stringer, MCreator

Added the Yarn Gun!!

mod_ChainsawMod by EpicPieSlap, MCreator


mod_ChocolateMod by EvilDarkSword123

Added More Stuff

mod_ChocolatesMod by DoMin0o your website:, MCreator

This is small plugin. Created by DoMin0o.

mod_Clothing by Oblisgr, MCreator

Clothing items

mod_CobblestoneArmor by cocut, MCreator

My first mod

mod_Coin by Snackro, MCreator


mod_Companion_Cube by Killian Wilson, MCreator

mod_Compressedmod by Franc40, MCreator

This mod will allow you to reduce the need for space.

mod_ConcreteStone by xXjackathyxX, MCreator

Adds concrete to Minecraft

mod_CraftBack by Esteban Perez

read the forum

mod_CraftableBedrockMod by 99EXTRASTUFF, MCreator

This Mod let you craft bedrock and do all the fun thing with it :)

mod_CraftableChainmail by smashinbedrock, MCreator

adds craftable chainmail to minecraft

mod_CraftableFeather by MegaCorentin69, MCreator

You can now craft a feather ! Enjoy