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Dofus's Mobs by Kujaroth, Hugoueng

Read the Title !

Dofus's Pets by Kujaroth

Read the Title !

Dofus's Stuffs by Kujaroth

Read the Title !

DogCatPlus by flameFox

add Mobs (Doggy, Kitty, Skeleton, Cactuar, Bunny, Enderman)

Doge by mmdanggg2

The DogeMod adds a slew of Doge related items.


This is an example mod

Doggy Style by Zeus

Doggy Style!

Doggy Talents by ProPercivalalb

Making your wolfs into fun, playful dogs.

Doggy Talents by ProPercivalalb

Making your wolfs into fun, playful dogs.

Don't Pick Up by superckl

Adds only one item, the Excludifier!

DonationSummon by MazeXD

Donut Mod

Modification that adds plenty of delicious donut's into Minecraft, for you to indulge yourself into, and to savour when they fill your hunger points.

DonutCore by DoughnutDev

DonutCore is for DoughnutDevs modpacks!


This mod adds donuts to the game!

Dooglamoo Cities Mod by Jason LaDere

Build Cities and Industries.

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Jason LaDere

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.

Dooglamoo Jr. Archaeology by Dooglamoo

Friendly and fun alternative ways to get mob drops and Nether resources with an archaeological theme.

Dooglamoo Painter by Jason LaDere

Paint wooden planks with different designs and patterns.

Dooglamoo Painter Mod by Jason LaDere

Paint wooden planks with different designs and patterns.

Dooglamoo Worlds by Dooglamoo

Travel to different worlds using a gate system.


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

Doomlike Dungeons

Doomlike Dungeons adds dungeons for those who want adventure, danger, and, uh, violence. This was inspired by Oblige, the level generator for Doom and similar games

survival dungeons worldgen

Door Break Fix by Rivvest

Fixes the bug where the broken animation of a door lingers around after the door is broken or the zombie has moved on

Door Gear by Cly_Faker

Armor and tools made out of doors!

Doors O' Plenty by Murded1

Adds door variants for the Biomes O' Plenty materials

Doragenai Mod by PrimeGaku

Doragenai! Doragenai! :)

Dorito Mod by By: Jul2040

Official Mod of Dorito Squad.

Dot Connector

Connects the dots between Fossils and Archaeology Revival and CoFHCore's retrogen.

DotAuthBypass by hac_k_kons

liquidbounce is freedoooom

Dota 2 items by Hunternif

Still a work in progress, this mod aims to recreate items from Dota 2 in Minecraft, keeping as much of their original look-and-feel as possible.

Double Door Mod by kirsybuu

Enjoy Double Doors, Double Trap Doors, and Double Fence Gates in Forge!

DoubleJump by K4Unl

Double jump on command!


Does the /lobby command twice. Created for the Hypixel server.


This mod add to game ore x2 = double ore.


Double Your Swords Recipes:


An extension to traditional Vanilla Minecraft.

Douglas Forest by EnderiumSmith

Adds a Douglas Fir forest biome

Dr Corester by DrMeepster

A library for my mods.


Dr. Dialgas Interesting Ites Mods Has The Most Interesting And Unexplainable Items Ever!

DrSquidsGunModv1.5.0 1.12.2 by DrSquid97, MCreator

A gun mod

DrZhark's CustomSpawner by DrZhark, Bloodshot

Allows mods to take control of spawning of custom mobs

DrZhark's Magic Carpet Mod by DrZhark, Blockdaddy

A Magic Carpet of your own

DrZhark's Mo'Creatures Mod by DrZhark, BloodShot, BlockDaddy

This mod adds many more creatures to Minecraft


This is an example mod

Draco Animus by LRA10, wildbill22

Minecraft from a dragon's eyes!

Draconix-ThePowerOfUsers by Mysha_VoidWalker

Playeble Build

Dragon Ball Mod by Exline

This mod add 7 magical dragon balls to the map for you to find! Good luck finding them, you'll probably need a radar...

Dragon Block C

What happen when Minecraft meets Dragon Ball.... THIS! ^^

Dragon Catcher

Collect all the dragons!

Dragon Core by Dragon9815

This Mod is a Core Mod for my Mods.

Dragon Craft by meganukebmp; BaracudaATA

Fly colourful dragons and stuff and things.

Dragon Drops Elytra by Rick South

A minimalistic mod that makes the Ender Dragon drop an elytra on death.

Dragon Extracting by EX.MAKS, gerod220, MCreator

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Dragon Extracting 1.01.2 [MC:1.12.2] by maksd241, MCreator

Èñïðàâëåííû îøèáêè

Dragon Focus Mod by FinchMyster

This is a test mod.

Dragon Fruit

This mod makes cactus to have a small chance of dropping Dragon Fruit when destroyed

Dragon Mounts by Barracuda

A mod that allows you to breed dragon eggs and foster them to ridable dragons.

Dragon Scales EX Mod by Jakester12, Heltrato, Hyghlander

EX means EXperimental!

Dragon's Radio Mod by Dragon

Dragon's Radio Mod adds a single block to the world - a radio. It is not simply a prerecorded sound player or dummy, It plays actual radio streams from the internet.

DragonAPI by Reika

DragonAPI is a function library and support mod which is relied upon by all of my mods. If you do not have the API, you will crash on game load with a NoClassDefFoundError mentioning DragonAPIMod.class



discover the dragon dimensions

DragonLogin by Draogn



for 1.10.2




Enter short description here

DragonSlayers 3.1.5 by Raiden, MCreator

Enter short description here

DragonWings Elytra by MessiahOfDoom

Dragon wings that work like an elytra.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

Dragonforce Lib by Aegous

A lib mod for dragonforce


This is an example mod


le mod de dragonnaim