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Runes of Wizardry by LightningPig333, Xilef11

Magic. Runes. And dust. Lots of dusts.

Runes of Wizardry by LightningPig333, Xilef11

Magic. Runes. And dust. Lots of dusts.

Runes of Wizardry - Classic Dusts Pack by Xilef11

Adds the classic dusts and runes to Runes of Wizardry

Runic Dungeons by MrComputerGhost

Dungeons Galore, and a Dimension for More!

Runic Dust Mod by billythegoat101

A magical mod designed to give you power over your world through the art of magical runes. Sculpt the land or obliterate your foes all with your new-found magical know-how. DOES NOT INCLUDE ANY RUNES OR INSCRIPTIONS. Please install the DustModDefaults for those.

Runic Dust Mod- Decorative Runes by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds dusts for every dye color.

Runic Dust Mod- Default Runes by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds many new runes and inscriptions. The 'official' runes of the mod.

Runic Dust Mod- Testing Pack by zombiepig333

The latest, in development runes from the Runic Dust Mod. Contains bugs!!!

Runic Dust Mod- Thaumcraft Addon by zombiepig333

A Runic Dust Mod addon that adds dusts, runes, and inscriptions for use with Thaumcraft 4.

Runic Dust Mod: Default runes and inscriptions pack by billythegoat101

The pack containing all the basic runes and inscriptions in the mod.

Runic Inscription by Melonslise

Adding simple yet feature packed magic to minecraft.


Rustcraft re-creates Rust, by Facepunch, in Minecraft!

Rustic BOP Woods by Wolfie_Waffle

A mod that adds some Biomes O Plenty wood compatability to Rustic.

Rustic Thaumaturgy by Voxel-Friend

A mod that adds some Thaumcraft compatability to Rustic.

RusticamMelius by SionoiS

RusticamMelius is a mod that overhaul animal husdandry

Rustinite by TheSurvivorsYT

This mod adds in various items and blocks

RyCraft by rolandoislas

An implementation of XyCraft for newer versions of Minecraft


This is an test mod

Ryan Face Mod by Sylent :^)



This is an example mod

S-AntiAFK by SiroQ

AntiAFK mod for Minecraft 1.8.9

S.T.E.M by bright_spark

Super Transformable Energised Matter. A Minecraft mod that uses RF to create this matter, which can then be turned into almost anything. Inspired by IC2 UU Matter.

SAO : Add-on by DentaX, Ed0NicoGamer

Ajout d objets pour SAO

SAO : Cols by DentaX

Ajout de Cols de la série Sword Art Online.

SAO Crystals Mod by Redn_oll

SAO Mod by TheGoldenProof

A mod (and my first one at that) that adds a bunch of stuff from Sword Art Online

SAOMC Library by Bluexin

Common stuff to handle networking and capabilities with forge (much more to come).


This is an example mod



SAtIn by Jaredlll08

Allows to custom Attack Indicator locations and scale.

SBM-Punt-Animal by LotuxPunk

Push animals without causing damage


A mod for the sword craft online server




This mod only works on the offical SCO server

SCP Lockdown Extras by Fluffy Doggo

A mod that adds things that SCP Lockdown doesn't have


This is a SCP Mod that is decent.

SCandyFlossMod by ShaliAli, MCreator

ShaliAli's Candyfloss mod! (Part of the SWEET selection)

SChocolate by ShaliAli, MCreator

ShaliAli's Chocolate Mod

SEKWAH41's Naruto Mod by SEKWAH41, Orkz

A mod that adds new items and other features to the game that are from/based on the Naturo manga.

SFArtifacts by Noel flantier

Example placeholder mod.

SFHCore by SpaceFoxhound

Shared Classes for NTM and Chaust

SG Craft

Currently it gives you SG-1 style stargates. In the future, it may include other things from the SG-1 universe

SGS Bread 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone, Mason

This mod adds two items and two recipes to vanilla minecraft.

SGS Enchanted Ladder 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone

This mod adds Enchanted Ladder to vanilla minecraft. It allows you to climb ladders 2x as fast. It does not required a cart or any tool.

SGS Metals 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone, Mason

This mod adds three new metals to the game: steel, titanium and autium. These were added to work with standard Minecraft mechanics, bridging the gap between iron and diamond. New versions of the tools, armour and sword are available for all three metals.

SGS Salandaar's Orb 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone

This mod adds Salandaar's Orb to vanilla minecraft. It allows you to see through adjacent walls and discover underground tunnels and caverns.

SGS Treasure 1.7.2 by Sal'andaar Stone, Mason

This mod adds treasure and adventure to vanilla minecraft.

SGU BetterGeo by Nicklas Lof, Mathias Lindfeldt, Kaarina Ringstad, Josephine Biro, Jo Uhlback

BetterGeo is a mod that puts more geology into Minecraft by adding more blocks,resources and things to do with your findings.

SHBwStats by SimplyRin

Bedwars Stats Checker Mod

SHCM Backup by SHsuperCM

Allows you to quickly backup and recover the world

SHCM Wynn by SHsuperCM

This mod will help you with the Wynncraft server and make things a bit easier. Note that this mod is unofficial!


Adding new items, blocks, weapons, tools, etc.


Linkseyi's ModMaker

SK Utilities by squirrel_killer

A utility mod created for my modpacks

SKC Core

An API that all my mods needs to work

SKCraft Shenanigans by tonius11

Various things for SKCraft.


This is an example mod


A special Mod for SLCP!


This is an example mod


This is the dimensions side of the mod, I made them seperate because I didn't want my workspace to be messy!

SMoney by ShaliAli, MCreator

ShaliAli's Money Mod.