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Simple Portables by konwboj

Portable stuff!

Simple Portals by TheLordofMelons

A small addon for Simple Dimensions

Simple Protection by Ellpeck

A Minecraft that allows server admins to configure certain areas to allow and disallow certain things.

Simple Random Stuff by Blue_Monster122

A Simple mod that adds a few simple random stuffs.

Simple Recycling by immibis

Allows you to turn tools back into ingots or dusts.

Simple Refinement by FyberOptic

Adds a little refinement to your metals.

Simple Retrogen

Simple Retrogen for mods using IWorldGenerator to generate their world stuff.

Simple Scaled Mobs by pilotofsomething

Gives mobs a level based on the distance from (0, 0) they spawn. Increases stats based on that level.

Simple Shelves by JT9/Solis_Nova

Cool way to store your items!

Simple Shotgun by theishiopian

This is a proof of concept for a simple vanilla style firearm

Simple Sky Grid Utilities by Vorquel

A helper mod for Simple Sky Grid

Simple SkyBlock Addon

This is one of the simplest addon to the SkyBlock map. Fully compatible with NEI. It only adds a possible way to craft any kind of block when You're playing on SkyBlock map. Try kill mobs and get needed drops. Ideas: MegaDominik

Simple Sneak by canelex

Custom mod for jdegoederen.

Simple Solar Panels by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

Adds new Solarpanels which generate an universal Energy Type

Simple Spawner Block's by Testure, MCreator

Adds blocks that spawn mobs when right clicked

Simple Sponge by Jacky1356400, ThatGamerBlue

OpenBlocks Sponge port for 1.10.2

Simple Sprint by Magnetite

Simple Sprint

Simple Stations by mallrat208

A Replacement Crafting Station for Tinkers Construct that cannot interface with external inventories

Simple Steel by canitzp, Gamer025

Simple Storage

One size-upgradable chest

Simple Strainers by Nov4e

A mod that add simple strainers to the game for help modpack makers to extend their early-game.

Simple Surface Ore Veins by Shadowmaster435, MCreator

Enter short description here

Simple Tinkers Construct Addon by TheOldOne

Adds support for Simple Ores to Tinkers Construct.

Simple Tree Drops by gbui, Morgrim_the_Dark

Simple Tree Farm by BlueMonster122

A mod that simply adds a tree farm

Simple Trophies by quaternary

It adds trophies!

Simple Tubes by oMilkyy

Another mod that adds tubes to Minecraft...and maybe other things???

Simple Usage Log by andrenoel

Log server usage simply and independently. Logs server start and stop, player login and out, and PVP attacks and deaths. The log file SimpleUsageLog.log is located in the server main folder.

Simple Wooden Bucket by reteo

Adds a wooden bucket that can hold water and milk. That's all. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Simple XP Storage by Dark_Lizzy

Provides a simple and straightforward XP storage system using Mana Crystals.

Simple Zoom by ChronoPositron

A very simple mod allowing you to zoom. Nothing more, nothing less.


Automaticly excavate a large area. Powered with IC2-EU energy, can mine area from 4x4 to 32x32 (are must be specified with Landmarks).


This mod allows you to fly with the armor of Minecraft


SAM, is a mod that takes multiple weaker easy to crate armor and weapons

SimpleAutoRun by Mysticdrew

Simple hotkey for Autorun

SimpleBroadcast by TrenTech

Broadcasting plugin

SimpleChat by TrenTech

Chat management plugin

SimpleChunkLoader by Gigabit101


More coins from IC


Simply displays coordinates.

SimpleCraft by McKiller5252

This Mod Adds Recipes That Arent already ingame


This Mod Will make crafting recipies that should be added into the game. Will Update


Simple recipes for simple things


Craft the Uncraftable!


3 new types of coins

SimpleFluids by Gigabit101, Mj11jM

Adds Simple Fluids

SimpleGraves by TehNut


SimpleGuns by nerdboy64

A gun mod designed and balanced around survival mode. Has 10 guns, 12 throwable bombs, gun racks, and a gunsmithing workbench.

SimpleInventoryStarter by MrAmericanMike

Simple Inventory Starter Mod.

SimpleMultiFarm by LosJustos

Shear all sheeps, feed all animals, turn all dirt to farmland and plant all seeds around you.


SimpleOres 2 by AleXndrTheGr8st

SimpleOres 2 is a more-ores mod with a surprising amount of effort put into balance.


Objects for your party in Minecraft !!


A very simple basic permissions plugin


Adds craftable redstone armor and tools into Minecraft!


Simple sirens, alarms and Bells

SimpleSkyBlock by Adversarius13293

Vanilla-close Skyblock experience.


Craft for slimeball

SimpleSurvival1.12.2v2.5 by RobhighpreistofDagon, MCreator

SimpleTags by TrenTech

Add custom tags to player chat

Simplified Horses by Fusseel

A small mod to bring the 1.13 horse model to legacy versions.


Make life easier in Minecraft!

Simplistic Super Swords by GGCrosby, MCreator


Simply Acceleration by xt9 (IterationFunk)

Adds the Accelerator, a machine that can increase the tickrate for bound tile entities.

Simply Arrows by Darkhax

Simply adds arrows.

Simply Backup by Sima214

A simple mod for backing up world data

Simply Caterpillar by The_Fireplace

Adds a caterpillar drill to Minecraft.