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Este Mod é para criar GELO!!!

CraftMine by ModsForLife, MCreator

Mine As many ores as you can


This is an example mod

CraftMoney by SpyMan, CraftMoney Staff

Official mod of the CrafMoney server (FR)

CraftPresence by CDA_Gaming

Completely Customize the way others see you play in Discord!

CraftRecord by

Add Recipe of the record.

CraftSaddles Mod by ExampleDude

Craft saddles, horse armor and name tags.


You Can Craft Skin

CraftStudio API by ZeAmateis, Timmypote, Elisee, IncubeSupreme

A CraftStudio API for models/animations support in Minecraft

CraftTech by Ryan

CraftTech is a work in progress mod that will add various machines and utilities to the game. There are also new ores, tools, weapons, and building blocks!

CraftTweaker Editor by Tiffit

In-Game CraftTweaker Script Editor


This mod allows to change the main menu easily.


Adds a new Dimension where you survive a Zombie Horde


Can't find any villages? Need carrots? Simply use this mod! You can modify and craft a carrot in this mod

Craftable Animals

This mod adds a variety of new features concerning animals and mobs. Features include: crafting + placing animals, transporting animals, creating + modifying spawners, applying armor to animals and many more.

Craftable Bedrock by WildWingX

A simple mod that allows you to craft bedrock.

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools by Neo Anderson, MCreator

Craftable Bedrock & Obsidian Tools

Craftable Bedrock v2.1 by WildWingX

A simple mod that allows you to craft bedrock.

Craftable Bedrock v3.1 by WildWingX

A simple mod that allows you to craft bedrock

Craftable Chain

Adds craftable chain useable to make chain armor.

Craftable Chainmail by Mrwar117

Adds Crafting recipes for chaimail!

Craftable Chainmail Armour by EvilCraftPlayzMc, MCreator

This mod will allow you to craft chainmail armour

Craftable Command Block Mod for 1.7.10 by Dot_Silver

This mod adds a recipe and performs no further changes (e.g. making the block breakable in survival mode)

Craftable Elytra by mariofish

Lets you craft the elytra!

Craftable Elytra by Marxim_

This mods adds craftable Elytras through a new item in the game

Craftable Elytra 2 by CynicalRoses

A 1.12 mod that allows Elytra to be crafted.

Craftable End Portal by Navybofus

Allows players to craft End Portal Frames to place an End Portal anywhere they want!

Craftable Experience Bottle Mod - MCV 1.10.2 by Dot_Silver

Still an example placeholder

Craftable Gunpowder by Netglex

Has it always bothered you that only Creepers and Ghasts drop gunpowder? Then, you are at the right place. This mod enables crafting your handmade gunpowder.

Craftable Horse Armor

A mod which allows you to craft the Saddle and the Horse Armor.

Craftable Lava by Eric Creation

This mod makes lava craftable

Craftable Loot Bags by joeylego776

Lets you craft loot bags.

Craftable MobeEggs by TupidaMC

With this mod you are able to craft MobEggs. You can find crafting recipes here:

Craftable Mobs by diamondlord098, MCreator

With this mod you can craft mobs

Craftable Name Tags by HyperHamster

Adds a crafting recipe for nametags.

Craftable Nametag by GS, MCreator

Craft Nametags

Craftable Nether Star by Speedy3210

§2It's not cheap, but you can now craft those nether stars. ;)

Craftable Nether Star + by Speedy3210

Lets you craft the nether star and some other hard to obtain items

Craftable Ship Mod by MrTutankhamun

This mod adds in a craftable ship!

Craftable Spawn Eggs by Alexcamostyle

Allows spawn eggs to be crafted.

Craftable Spawning Eggs Mod

What it says on the packet

Craftable Waypoints

The most survival-friendly waypoints mod!

CraftableAnimals MoCreature extension.

Adds a set of CraftableAnimals for all MoCreaures.


This mod will enable the user to craft Chainmail Armor.

CraftableEXP by grabmyrooster

Adds a crafting recipe for Bottle 'O Enchanting


Be able to craft the end portal frame after defeating the ender dragon!


This is an example mod


Do you want to visit the end again after killing the dragon for some purposes? Is the Stronghold very far away? Fear not, this mod will help you!


Make fire and lava!


Craft fire + lava AND OBSIDIAN!


Craftable Gunpowder the second version

CraftableHorseArmor by DemoXin

Dress your steed to impress! Adds recipes for crafting saddles and horse armors.


Craft fire + lava + obsidian!


Cook flesh to make leather strips. Use 5 strips in an X pattern to make leather. Wool makes 4 strings, and 4 strings makes wool.


adds Craftable Mushrooms to Minecraft


This is a mod that once you have 1 type of resource and an empty ore, you won't have to mine again


Makes all records craftable


For craft the Redstone


This is an example mod