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Random Things Happen 2 by H2O_Panda

Small update

Random Tool Kit by KodyJKing

Just a random assortment of tools.

Random Trinkets and Items by Ocelot5836

A Fun Mod that adds Weapons, Armors, Orbs of effects, and Foods that are end and beginning game. There are some bugs and issues because this is my first mod. I hope you Enjoy! NOTE: I would recommend installing the Just Enough Items mod for recipes and extra info. I used JEI and Better achievements by mezz and way2muchnoise

Random Utilities by Six-One-Three

Adds miscellaneous useful items.

Random's Mod by RandomShovel

Adds a variety of thing to Minecraft!


This mod adds some random armors to minecraft


This is an example mod


This is an example mod

RandomConfigs by TheRandomLabs


Adds various new flowers


Set of useful or just-for-fun blocks and items. (Old name: OpenIdeas)


Adds random items for a RPG map.


This mod adds 125 completly and utterly random mobs to minecraft

RandomNameTool by NurseAngel

Random Name Tool


This is an example mod

RandomPatches by TheRandomLabs

A bunch of miscellaneous patches for Minecraft.

RandomPatches Integration by TheRandomLabs

An addon for RandomPatches that patches other mods.

RandomPortals by TheRandomLabs

Brings vertical End portals and lateral Nether portals to Minecraft.

RandomSpawner by yamato(waco)


Adds a variety of structures that spawn randomly throughout the world!


This is an example mod

RandomTweaks by TheRandomLabs

A bunch of miscellaneous tweaks for Minecraft.


Adds a randomite ore block that drops random mineable items.

Randomization by Eladkay



Randomness here, randomness there.....


Adds random things!


Adds in more random things! Best with randomz 1.

Ranged Pumps by Ranged Pumps contributors

Ranged Pumps is a simple mod that adds a pump that pumps liquids in a range

RankCapes by Jadar

This mod lets you see and change your cape on RankCapes equipped servers!

RankUpper by FabioZumbi12

Auto rankup plugin based on economy, time or xps

Ranked Items by Sk1er

Shows unlocked rewards for a player

Ranked Reward Effect by SiroQ

Get ranked rewards easy!

Ranked Who by xDelsy

Rating getter for Hypixel Ranked SkyWars.

RankedInfo by Aycy


This is an example mod

RapidForm by Andrew Mellinger

Another mode for building things in creative mode.


See more information in


Some ore will give you different landscapes

Rarmor by Ellpeck, previously canitzp

A mod about an RF-powered armor that can be upgraded and modified!


Raspberry mod

Raspberry Jam Mod by arpruss

Implement most of Raspberry PI/Juice API

Rat Mod by ExpensiveKoala

Adds rats which drop loot bags.

Rationcraft by Squeekblach

Military style rations, canning and preservation

Ravenous Void by Zerahi

Power over the void.


New way to really Custimize yourself but its strong aswell as aesthetic with More to come as I develop the Mod


This is an test mod

Raxpack Tweak by tomatheb

Mod to allow Cooking for Blockheads' sink fill TAN's canteens.


Shared code from Rays mods.

Raycraft by tommy__123__

RbyChest by Famil, MCreator



This is an example mod

Re-Zombies-V1-Ver-1.12.2 by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod that adds more Zombies to Minecraft

Re-Zombies-V1.5-Ver-1.12.2.jar by Jenssons, MCreator

Re-Zombies is a mod inspired by Mo-Zombies that sadly hasn't been updated sense 2015.

ReAuth by TechnicianLP

A mod to renew your Session

ReBind by AustereTony

Ability to remap internal controls (Esc, F1, F3, F4).

ReWIRED by mallrat208

Add-on for Cyberware


Version 1.0

Reach Circles Mod by lemon

shows range of other players, may be innacurate because of ping!

Reach Display Mod by dewgs

Displays the distance between your hits, to prove you don't cheat. Dank mod

Reach Mod by ExampleDude

Reach mod.

ReachDisplayReloadMod by Ayou

Reach Display.

React by pie_flavor

A little game to be played in chat.

Reactor Stuff by EnderiumSmith

An ic2 addon for more nuclear fuels


ReactorCraft is a mod that adds realistic nuclear reactors, both fission and fusion, to Minecraft


This is an example mod

Read The Wiki by traxys

Read that wiki please !

Readable Bookshelf

See the website for detailed information on this mod!

Real Craft Core by Nix13Chanel


Real Filing Cabinet by bafomdad

Filing cabinets! That is all.