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TyrellPlayz City Mod by TyrellPlayz

A mod that adds items and blocks to build a city

UC Utils by Fuzzlemann

An useful Util Mod for UnicaCity


The UFO mod for minecraft

UHC Compass by The_Fireplace

Adds a compass to the HUD that points to a user-set waypoint

UHCHuds by OxfordCom

Just some huds

UHCUtils by Winter_Grave

Modded UHC Utilities

UI Tweaks by Rederpz

Attempts to tweak certain GUI elements for a better user experience.

UNSC Armory (G3ckobot) by G3ckobot aka GeckoBoyJ1

Go to war with the best of the UNSC's weaponry!

UNU Parts Pack

UNU Parts Pack for Minecraft Transport Simulator


Upsilon, eee


Building Generator for URLRP



UUIDFilter by Tollainmear

UUIDFilter will kick the player if display name in case mismatched

UUIDOffline by TehSomeLuigi

Workaround for the UUID system for offline servers

UberMiner by Harystolho

A mod that lets you mine only ores.


This is basicially Ubercraft 2 in v1.7.2!

Ugandan Adventures by superdextor

Welp, someone had todo it

Ugandan Knuckles by Sk1er, Prplz

Do u know da wae

Uk Mod Pack by uk_rules_ok

Uk Mod Pack Description.


Ulti's mod, random things created in my tired mind

UltimaRPG by Turk23, MCreator

An all new RPG experience!


This is an example mod

Ultimate Doctor Who Mod by KingKirushanth also known as TheKiwiKingdom, DjMistry also known as TheMysteriousBanana

Adds in Doctor Who stuff but then it branches out to different stuff...Some sciency stuff

Ultimate FOOD by YoYo, MCreator

food mod

Ultimate Loot Boxes by Avrye

Adds tons of new items and weapons found in loot boxes dropped by enemies.

Ultimate Skyblock Resource Generator by rafacost3d

The Ultimate Cobble, Gravel, Sand, Dirt, Grass, Mycelium, Obsidian, Ice, Snow and Dust Generator

Ultimate Storage by D4RSORC, thenimbleninja

Example placeholder mod.

Ultimate Taco Mod by X_pilot

EARLY ALPHA of the Ultimate Taco mod!!! Stop reading this and have a taco!

Ultimate Tools

New good handable Tools made of classic Materials

Ultimate Vidium by Max51196 aka EGSOO aka Kasu

Build with the new material -Vidium- and master the World of Minecraft!


This is the perfect mod for people who want quick, easy and powerful armour on Minecraft servers Which do require fml AND, you can even use this in Singeplayer

UltimateChat by FabioZumbi12

Complete and advanced chat plugin

UltimateCore by Bammerbom

All you need to set up a server and more!

UltimateGold by Dan123, MCreator

Enter short description here

UltimateMod by RapidEv



This adds a SUPER Pickaxe to Minecraft, it requires Forge.


This is an example mod

UltimateStack by PorPit


This is an epansive Tnt's mod which adds 12 new tnt's to play around witht so have fun exploading and lets mayhem rain down in your worlds you may regret it in the end though


A Mod that adds very strong items to your gameplay!


A Mod that adds ultimate tools

UltimateVidium by Max51196

Here is no description. This mod doesnt need them because this mod is like his creator Max51196.. awesome. Kidding, its a simple mod. You got new helpful and useful items and blocks. Have fun with them.


The Ultimate Bow only!


This is an example mod


Ulti's Mod

Ultra Addons by Andrey96

Some features for UltraMC servers

Ultra Amplified Mod by TelepathicGrunt

A world beyond amplified world type! Discover incredible landscape! Loot filled structures! And many boosted Biomes along with the End and Nether in the Overworld!

Ultra Compression by SamRaven2

Make all the things smaller.

Ultra Crafting by kidsfarm

Ultimate Crafting Recipies and cores

Ultra Hard Coremod by Mrbysco, Svennieke

A UHC mod made for Modded Minecraft.


This is Ultra Dim Mod


This is Ultra-dimensionalitySuit Mod


This is Ultra Dimensionality Tools mod!


A mod that adds awesome gear you craft with blocks


Gems, armors and tools

UltraMine PrivateRegions

UltraMine Private Regions

UltraMineralsMod by Zeeme, MCreator



Adds an UltraPistol To Your Minecraft World

UltraSoftCore by Szernex

UltraHardCore's little brother, aimed to make life harder, but not too hard.

UltraSurvival by Klastris, MCreator


UltraTech by cout970

Ultra technology for minecraft


Awesome tools for an awesome person!


Ultra ore!


Development by MineC


A WIP mod indev.

UltramineServer by ExampleDude

lang file for UltramineServer

UnDeath! by nekosune

Ever wondered if there was life after death? wonder no more

UnKnownMod by Exysting

Mod for UnKnown Team.

UnLogic by F1repl4ce

A 'Random Things' type mod that adds lots of useful content.

UnLogic II by The_Fireplace

A mod that adds lots of random and useful content.

Unborked by SquidDev

Makes ComputerCraft 1.80pr0 less buggy for 1.10.2

UnbreakEn Mod by MJaroslav

Enchantment that will save your instrument.