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A Library for FusionLord's Mods


This is an example mod

Futucytakun by Cytakun

Futuristic Mod.

FutureCraft by Coolax

A Mod that takes you to the future!

FutureMinecraft by Lester822, MCreator

Futurepack Forestry Addon by TheRealM18

Adds Futurepack bees to forestry

Futurepack-Addons by TheRealM18

Adds new stuff to the futurepack mod.

Futuristic Decor by cout970

Futuristic Decoration for minecraft

Futuristic Robotics 1.12.2 by mr.lumpkins, MCreator

Enter short description here

Fuzzy Core by [com]buster

Core functionality for FuzzyCraft mods

Fuzzy Players by [com]buster

Match your outfit to the situation

FuzzyDrinks by HadiBuilds

This Mod Adds a Bunch of Drinks Like (Coca Cola, Pepsi, 7up) and More!

FyreCraft by FlashFyre

Example placeholder mod.

FysiksFun by mbrx

Have fun while playing around with a somewhat more advanced physics for liquids and a few others blocks

G-Weapons by SmellyModder

A mod that adds the ability to make giant versions of your favorite Minecraft Weapons. This mod is still a W.I.P so other things like giant shields and bows will be in the future.

G2Win by G2Win, Jester

Mod do site

GCMA2 by short1der

Mod created by short1der for GC staff members.

GCMoneyMod by GameGunner5

Are you tired of the item trading scheme? Well look no further, this mod adds money so you can trade with coins instead!

GECK by msiFeed

Making Minecraft insane!

GEXP Calculator by Reflxction

A mod which does tracks every stat about earned GEXP.

GEXP Tracker by Reflxction

A mod which tracks every stat about earned GEXP.


A mod by 33kingkiller & hayhay01em03. This mod adds several different pairs of glasses into the game that each have different effects on the player entity. Hope you enjoy!

GGGlasses - 1.6.4 by 33kingkiller & hayhay01em03

A mod by 33kingkiller & hayhay01em03. This mod adds several different pairs of glasses into the game that each have different effects on the player entity. Hope you enjoy!

GGGlasses - DC

An optional update to GGGlasses by 33kingkiller featuring items portraying each of the creators (and the beta tester) of the original GGGlasses mod by, yours truly, 33kingkiller and hayhay01em03.



GL Handler by Jiraiyah, Lumien, Judos

A core mod to handle open GL works, from drawing curves on gui, to what ever the group can patch together to help other mod developers that have no knowledge of open gl can use them.

GM Lore by xunto

Create hidden lore record for items.

GMC SimpleCraft by Gman108_

This mod adds simple and useful recipes and items into Minecraft!




This is an example mod




This is a small GPS mod. It adds a GPS to the game showing you the position of other players.

GPick2 by SN2

A pickaxes mod.


Modyfikacja stworzona specjalnie dla minecraftGPlay'a


A simple mod that adds a variaty Green Screen Slocks & Artificial Ssky Blocks

GT NEI Ore Plugin by GWYOG

A forge mod which adds NEI plugins for GregTech5's ores.

GT Scaner Mod by KOVIT

GT Scaner Mod.

GT Vein-Locator by GWYOG

Add some useful items to locate GregTech5's veins in-game.


Ever wanted a mod that allows you have GTA V Weapons in your minecraft world. This mod is for you. It adds almost every single GTAV Weapon into your minecraft game.

GTCEBees by TheEmosewaPixel, Bartz24

An addon for GregTech Community Edition and Forestry, adding the Bees from GT5U.

GTExtras by Blood Asp

Adds new Stuff to Gregtech


This is an example mod


GregTech Materials is here!!!! You can get easy :)


GalaxyTalesCrafting Utilities

GUI Library


GUI Scale Hack by Portablejim

For those who like high resolution displays (like 4k) and for who large is too small and auto is too large Do not change normal GUI scale when using this mod

GUI Templater by gamerforEA

Modification to customize the interface.

GUILogin by aleck099



mod vrey good

GWMCrates by GWM

Universal crates plugin for your server!

GWMLibrary by GWM

Necessary library to run plugins developed by GWM!

GabikMod by Gabik21

This mod is simply cool