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Marker Mod by SonarBeserk

Provides a system for marking maps

Market by TimeTheCat


MarketCompanion by Dasfaust

Forge companion mod for GlobalMarket

Mars by Frinn

Add Skyland world generator for the overworld.

Marvel Craft Universe Mod by iEquinoxSoldier

The Marvel Craft Universe Mod, this mod helps recreate your favorite dreams of becoming super heroes or villains in Minecraft. Whether you want to save the world or destroy it this is the mod for all comic book fans.


This adds 1 type of food: the breadfish.


Sälber gmacht

Mashmelloz by itayfeder

Add Marshmelloz!

Mass Production by F(Twitter:@plusplus_san)

This mod is the add-on of IR3.


JStar MassSound Card for OpenComputers allows playing of minecraft sounds


This mod adds incredibly powerfull post-game items, ores, tools, and a boss!

Master Addiction by MaxterDesigner, MCreator

Um mod que adicionar tudo e mais um pouco!

Master Blocks Mod Forestry by leplopp


Master Builders Mod by leplopp (Germany)

Master Builders mod is a mod the very many new blocks added in the mInecraft world

Master Chef Mod

The Master Chef Mod add's many new foods to the game! §6Programmer, Developer: Kander18. §eTextures, Gui & design: Hacoline18. Textures: Reghon28.


o MasterFoods adiciona comidas deliciosas para o seu minecraft!


La Mia Mod Personale


Better Dig and attack

MataCraft by ChargedKanohi

Enter and explore the legendary world of BIONICLE with this BIONICLE Minecraft mod!


My craft

MatchMon by Quequiere

MatchMacking for PixelmonMod

MatchTV_Mod by MatchTV_Infinity, MCreator

my mod

Matchlighter Core by Matchlighter

A collection of common functions used in many of Matchlighter's mods

Material Changer by Lellson

Allows you to change various attributes of weapons, tools and armor

Material Evolution Mod by Mofakin

A Mod about the Evolution of Mankind, their techniques, materials and metallurgy used.

Material Foundation by ICannt Team

Material Foundation

Material Times Mod by Putcho

Craft, the material to be used for refining to n times MOD.

Materialized by Buuz135

Adding any material type to minecraft but just once.

Materials and Stuff by Shnupbups

Adds materials and stuff! WIP, do not expect everything to work. Also, don't(!) try to shift click or hopper into the purifier. I'd like to say thanks to Notch, Jeb, Dinnerbone, TheMogMiner, Grum, Searge and the rest of the Mojang Team for their amazing game I've been hooked on for almost 4 years now, AntVenom for introducing me to it, Dan200 for his awesome mod ComputerCraft introducing me to proper programming, Direwolf20 for growing my interest in Minecraft Mods and Pahimar for his awesome Let's Mod series that god me along my way. So yeah, thanks.


This mod adds special material swords

Matrix Mod

Adds all the experience of the matrix...almost


This is an example mod

Matt's Mod Tray by Matthew Smeets

This mod is a working concept to see all current activated mods from your status bar.

MattDahEpic Core by MattDahEpic

Base Mod for all MattDahEpic mods.

Matter by Yvesmiguel

Adding a touch of randomness to Minecraft

Matter Overdrive by Simeon Radivoev

A mod that dwells within matter, energy.

Matter Vortex by SuperHostile, MCreator

Simply Matter Vortex

MatterLink by Arcanitor, NikkyAi

Minecraft Server Matterbridge link

MatterOverdrive by Coded, Simeon Radivoev, Shadowfacts, Dev_Osmium

A mod that dwells within matter and energy.

Max Potion ID Extender by ZaBi94

Lifts the potion id limit from 256 to 2B

Max Tank

If you want more storage space to store fluids.

Max's Other Items by TheAmazingMaximus

Adds more items

MaxEntityFixer by Larry1123

HotFix for entity ids over 127


Change the MAX size of your Item Stack!


The one and only max mod

MaxiebytePortalMod by Maxiebyte's mind


Mayakplay GTA HUD by ExampleDude

Mayakplay GTA HUD


This mod adds to the game mayonnaise,slices of bread,mayonnaise sandwich and a disposable knife. Version:1.0.

Maze Mod by supercat765

Maze Dimension Mod

Mc Potato Mod

Delicious looking Potato!!


This is an example mod

McDowellCraft by zeebits

My humble experiment, definately WiP.


Adds some essential crafting recipes

McJtyLib by McJty

McJtyLib library for RFTools, Deep Resonance, ...

McLib by mchorse

McHorse's library mod


This RPG mod is my take on the RPG mod genre.


마크에이지 4


This mod adds cool elements to minecraft


Adds some more uses for the cocoa bean, just don't it eat it hot!

Meals by meew0

A mod that adds configurable food.

opensource food util tweak

MeanMobs by creepersgalore

Adds mobs and edits vanilla mob AI.