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White Block by IchEben

Adds a white block to minecraft.


A mod for learning


This mod added white obsidian and other objects.


This mod added White Obsidian.

Whitelist Mod

An automatic whitelister that connects to a MySQL database

Whitelist Sync by PotatoSauceVFX, peteley

Server Side Mod to Sync Whitelists to a mySQL Database.

Whitelist Sync 2.0 by PotatoSauceVFX

Server side mod to sync whitelists and op lists to a database.

Whole Tree Axe

New axe that harvests a tree with one click.

Whoops by Noobanidus

Whoops-a-Daisy! Don't misclick that Pure Daisy.

Whoosh by ImbaKnugel

Simple portable teleporters.

Whopper by V1bes81

Adds a Wooden Hopper to the game

Whose bed? by Watchful1

A mod that tells you who used a bed

Wicken by Catpan (@CatpanYT on Twitter), MCreator

Wicken is a mod I initially made in a good 6 hours or so while simultaneously watching my friend make a competitor mod on a video call. It's a small mod with two dimensions and some goofy hijinks along the way.


Adds wierd stuff


This is an example mod


Wigetta Tools es un mod que agrega un set de herramientas que te seran se mucha utilidad


Modo Willy y Vegetta777


Famous Witches and Wizards Cards

Wiki HUD by Qxzos

Wiki HUD

WikiLink by DrEinsteinium, Others

NEI Addon that adds the ability to search Websites, Wikis and YouTube for information on different items.


A wiki-searching tool by maxpowa

Wild Animals Plus by jabelar

It's a zoo out there!

Wild Crops by Kormic911

Grow crops randomly throughout the world (aka Wild)

Wild Mobs Mod by Markus1002

More mobs for a vanilla-like experience.

Wild Netherwart by DelirusCrux

Finally some good f****** Wartgen

Wild plants by biggi107, MCreator

Adds wild carrot, potato and beetroot plant


Advanced animals in Minecraft!

WildLife by H3nNut

Currently brings kale to your wild life, but soon will bring much more! Update: Now contains cheese and tomato!

WildNature mod by matek200412

Improve Minecraft Nature! This mod adds 65 new biomes, 17 new trees, new plants, blocks, animals and many more!


Wild Potatoes, Carrots, Apples and Watermelon


Explore a new dimension based on Runescape. Fight new mobs, find new ores, and even summon familiars!

Wilhelm Scream by Akrivus

This adds the famous wilhelm scream to Minecraft.

WillR27's Living Blocks by WillR27

A simple mod that adds a select number of new block-like mobs to the game. Currently there are only the living ore mobs, but I will hopefully be adding more in the near future.


(Coming Soon)

WillsrCore by Willsr71

WillsrCore is a mod manager and dependancy loader for all of Willsr71's mods.

Wilson by MrAmericanMike

Wilson mod.

Wind Waker by MaltesePheonix & Sventacles

A Minecraft mod that plans to add everything from the game Legend of Zelda Wind Waker!

WingCraft by Iamshortman

A simple mod that adds wearable wings to minecraft

Wings by HellFirePvP

Mod to render HellFirePvP's Wings

Wings of Fire Mod by Sorra-NightShade on deviantART

A Minecraft mod based on the book series by Tui T. Sutherland.

Wings of Fire mod by Sorra-NightShade

The Wings of Fire mod based on the book series by Tui T Sutherland

Wings, Horns, and Hooves, the Ultimate Unicorn Mod! by Joel Sieh

With this mod, you can find and tame the unicorns of legend. If you're lucky, you might even find a magestic pegasus, a fearsome nightmare, or a powerful destrier (it's like a giant warhorse). But then what? - Crossbreed them to make your own breeds! - Equip them with new special armor and weapons! - Attack your foes with your magical horse's powerful abilities! And that's not all - more secrets await those clever enough to find them ... including the Ultimate Unicorn.

Wini by Ipsis

What I Need Is

Winter Weather Mod by Prplz, Sk1er

Make it always snow :)


This is an example mod

Wireless Charger by CreeperShift

Adds things.

Wireless Communication by PixelGirl

Adds options for wireless data and item transferring.

Wireless Crafting Grid by TheRealp455w0rd

Refined Storage addons that adds a wireless version of the crafting grid

Wireless Electricity

An addon for IC2 that lets you wirelessly transmit EU/RF.

Wireless Redstone by ali4z, Eurymachus

Wireless Redstone allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires.

Wireless Utilities by Stendec, Lordmau5

Because wires just get in the way.

WirelessCharger by zlainsama

This mod adds a block that can charge nearby players' ForgeEnergy compatible items


Mod for multitool phones in survival and eve a redstone dimension.


This just adds a wireless energy transfer method to the game. (For IC2 Energy ofc.)

WirelessEnergyNetwork 1.12.2 by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

Adds ne ways to transport Energy over long distances

WirelessRedsone-CBE by ChickenBones

Wireless Redstone ChickenBones Edition Supporters: Vizerei

Wish Mod by Wishbonea

My Mod to add Base Brick


A next-generation wireless redstone mod.

Witch Works by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9

A Witchery inspired mod

WitchSpawn by MorpheusZero

Witches spawn naturally at night in swamp biomes

Witchcraft by Sunconure11/Spinosaurus111/NotLegalTender, ArekkuusuJerii, Ingoleth, KingEdward9830, Thermawrench, Felinoel, BigHatMagnus, Hman745, BerciTheBeast, Triliton, mljola9, Witch_Cat, DivineAspect, EyrionOfTime, TrollWorkout, Abused_Master

A Witchery inspired mod

Witchery by Emoniph

Extending Minecraft with witchcraft. This mod features: The song, Loved (ft. Mykle Anthony) by wellman. Licensed to the public under Verify at Sound effects licensed from FreeSFX (