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Appalachia by Team RTG

Minecraft mod that adds biomes inspired by the Appalachian region of North America.

Apple Juice Skin by toyhippogriff

Adds various thirst-related HUD improvements.

Apple Trees by zero4q, BunnYcilla4q

Adds an apple tree that grows real apples

Apple&Milk&Tea! by defeatedcrow

Enjoy a leisurely tea time.


It all has begun with a simple appleberliner


Have very duo apple!!


This mod adds in a new food that will give you a sweet tooth

AppleSauce by theplamC, MCreator

AppleSkin by squeek

Adds various food-related HUD improvements

Applied Energistics by AlgorithmX2

A Mod About energy, and matter. Oh wait thats everything...

tech storage

Applied Energistics 2 by AlgorithmX2

A Mod about Matter, Energy and using them to conquer the world..

tech storage

Applied Energistics 2 EE3 Compatibility by FireBall1725

Adds EE3 Support to AE2

Applied Energistics 2 Utilities

Brings a lot of cool stuff to Applied Energistics 2

Applied Fluidics by Thiakil

Fluid handling for AE2

Applied Integrations by Azazell

Adds Integrations for AE2, one of biggest is Integrated Energy Storage Cells, Buses, And blocks

Applied Thermodynamics by tgame14

An Addon to AE that Adds a new Mechanic to ME Networks, HEAT!, also melts Yo S***

Approaching Nirvana's Chicken Bits by MattDahEpic

Bits of chicken, great for eating.

Apps Mod by Grillo78

Applications mod for MrCrayfis's Device Mod.

Apricorn Tree Farm by BeetoGuy

Extra content for Pixelmon.

Aqua Creeper by Angry_Pixel

A mod to add more danger to the high seas.

Aqua Mod

Aqua Everywhere~

Aqua Regia by droidicus

A mod based on acids.

AquaTech by NytStalker

Water Tech

AquaTweaks by BluSunrize

Making Minecraft prettier underwater!

Aquatic by UpcraftLP, abused_master, Sekwah41, EPIIC_THUNDERCAT, Radient_Sora

water based mod, with dimension

Aquatic 1.13 by Palkadros, MCreator

Small count of Dekoration Blocks from Minecraft 1.13

Aquatic Abyss by thehippomaster21

A mod that adds sea serpents and other sea creatures to make the ocean more lively.

Aquatic Armors by Zom'

You always wanted to explore the deep ocean smoothly, then this mod is made for you !

AquaticCraft by SpiN DasH, MCreator

Adds Coral,SeaPickles,Trophies and more!

Aqueducts by BordListian

adds aqueducts for long-range liquid transfer

Arachnophobia by Bread10

Removes spiders.


This is an example mod

Arbitrary Objects by HelmTheHobbit

Random things that I felt were needed in the game.

Arbores by Taschenmogul

A small mod that is adding new trees.

Arbox by SecretSquigglez

Nothing cuts air better than sharper air


This is an example mod

ArcadeShot by Cryss_Deea1, MCreator

Mod for fun

Arcadian Octo Duck by Lomeli12

Raises the stakes of boss fights, brought to you by GitHub's suggested name feature.


Voilà la V1 d'Arcadium j'espère quelle vous plaira !

Arcane Arteries by jordsta95

A Thaumic upgrade for Blood Magic

Arcane Ascension 2 by calebmanley

This is an official update to the Arcane Ascension mod, originally by:Murayama (MTG artist Dan Scott)AreusPheenixm and dgary. The main feature of the mod is the mystical floating islands.

worldgen survival tools

Arcane Bags by Socratic_Phoenix

Insane storage

Arcane Essentials by FavouriteDragon

Adds extra spells to Electroblob's Wizardry! Elemental weapons will be coming in the future :)

Arcane Lamps by Xesar_Zk

New Luminescent Crystals.

Arcane Scrolls

Adds Scrolls to you to your game that give you different abilities. There are 4 categories, Utility(Green), Offensive(Red), Defensive(Blue), Special(Purple).

Arcane Winds

Magic items and stuff.

Arcane Winds Mod by AlchemyMouse

Adds loads of magical items, similar to hack/mine

Arcane World by Lemons

Arcane World!.

Arcanery by Waterdude

Magic mod with branching progression and MMO style inputs.

Arcania by DiabolusNeil

Adds wands which you can apply modules to, enhancing their base power. Since this is an Alpha release, please report any and all bugs to the Minecraft Forum page.

Arcanum by HellBreecher

Make your minecraft experienced all the better!


Archaeology mod for Minecraft

Archani Commutatio by Xetosphere

The Archani Commutatio mod.

Arche by Jason_Anaminus

More Philosophers Stones

Archicraft by Alfomega

Archicraft is an automatic building and decoration mod for Minecraft 1.12.2. We build the present. We build the future.

Archimedes' Ships by BalkondeurAlpha

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

Archimedes' Ships by BalkondeurAlpha

Craft and create your own ship... And sail it across the seven seas!

Architect by Sangar

Make building repetitive things easier.

Architect's Friend by TheBrazillianForgersTeam, TheFreeHigh (Code), Armelin (Textures)

Pixel Arts, Big Builds, doesn't matter. With Architect's Friend you can build it!


Distinguished architectural features for your Minecraft buildings.

Archmagus by Agadar

Archmagus is a Minecraft mod which adds a variety of obtainable spell books to the game.

Archonia by Grand_Opal

Adds many features to you world to become more mystical.

Arcrops by IrresoluteArkia

Adds a few crops to make life easier :)


A mod with 100+ Mods including 30+ New mobs,25+ wepaons and many unique blocks.

ArdaCraft Blocks by dags_

The ArdaCraft custom blocks mod! :D

ArdentCore by Aurilux

Library mod used by all of Aurilux's mods


Enter short description here

Arduino by WatermelonPL, MCreator

Are You Being Watched? by §3ZombieEnderman5 and creepersgalore

§3§oDo You Ever Feel Like You're Being Watched?

Ares by johnsama

A bigboy mod made for bigboys


Mod argent


This is an example mod

Ariadne's Thread by IronPike

The thread will lead you home, sweet home.


This is an example mod

Ariente by McJty

Ariente: a tech mod with a twist


This is an example mod


Liquescent's Vaporizer


Mods for the Aristo-Pack