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Compacting Chests

CompactDrawers by samtrion

Storage Drawer Extension with more compact drawers


Adding new storage solutions to your world!

CompactWaterTurbines by Gigabit101

CompactWindmills by Aroma1997, Schillaa

This mod/addon for IndustrialCraft2 adds CompactWindmills to the game. They are basically More Windmills within one Block: Availible in ELV(8EU/t), LV(32EU/t), MV(128EU/t), HV(512EU/t) and EV(2048EU/t). They save CPU if used in big power plants.

tech addon

Compacted Blocks by WillR27

Adds compacted blocks for better storage and building.


This Cool New Mod that drops more ores when Mining!

Compacter by bdew

Compactify by IceMetalPunk

Adds Compactors and Extractors, to compress items into storage blocks and expand storage blocks into items.

Companion mod by Casual_Dutchman

This mod adds a companion to the game, He will help you.


Tired of being alone ?

Companions by InfinityRaider

An addon for Traveller's Gear by BluSunrize that adds title scrolls which give you a companion.


This is an example mod


Compile Compact Anything.

Complex Crops by Icedice9, emmacc

This mod adds several unique crops to Minecraft. Corn, cucumbers, and rice!

Complex Logic by marcin212, Matrix89

Complex Wiring by Numerios, JBuk

Complex Wiring is a new Minecraft technical mod!

Component Equipment by spacechase0

A mod similar to Tinker's Construct, but simpler.

Composite Gear Addon by ZCaliptium

Addon for IC2 Experimental

Composite Obsidian Mod

Armor and tools from composite obsidian

Composter by Stormwind99

Compost stuff! Turn excess organic material and rotted food into nutrients for plants.

Compound Ores

Randomly generated ores with the resources of two single ores inside.

Compress Everything by LeuDevs

A simple Item that let you craft 8 items into one, recursively.

Compressables by Assassin00

Adds ways to compress certain items/blocks.

Compressed by voleN

Compresses common blocks into more manageable sizes.

Compressed Base by MiningMark48

It's a compressed base!

Compressed Blocks Mod by Savage_Killer13

A mod for turning normal blocks and items into a compressed form.

Compressed Blocks by Kreezxil by Kreezxil

Fighting the block invasion and winning!

Compressed Bonemeal by hedgehogpie12

Adds compressed bonemeal

Compressed Factory by PriestTheBeast

A space managing mod where you can compress space and have a whole 11x11x11 room of space out of a 3x3x3 cube.

Compressed Items by Xesar_Zk

Provide more space in your warehouse.

Compressed Ores by Peridot/MaincrafterDE, MCreator

this mod adds compressed ores

Compressed Things by BURN447

Random Compressed Blocks and Items

Compressed minerals block mod by AccessDenied

This mod add a minerals block, but COMPRESSED.


This mod let's you compress 9 diamond blocks into one.

CompressedDirts by Sanshirooo, McMDK



This is a compressed mod


Mod que agrega la posibilidad de comprimir roca y pedernal, por ahora.


A mod for HITCuniverse


Adds CompRstone Stuff

CompressedTools by Waripon



Adds in Compressed Things

Compressions by

Adds the ability to have compressed blocks of anything

Computer Craft Framework by Edward Yeung (Eyeballcode).

Needed for some mods, by me and other people.

Computer LandMark by bluefi

Adds a ComputerCraft Peripheral that can be used as Buildcraft Landmark


This mod adds a computer core block and a way to commpress coal into diamonds.

ComputerCraft by Daniel Ratcliffe, Aaron Mills

ComputerCraft adds Computers, Programming and Robotics to Minecraft.

computers tech


Made for ComputerDudes Auto-Adventure Modpack

Concrete Conversion by _NIMJA

Adds another way to convert concrete powder to concrete.

Concrete Extends by Acness

Adding concrete stairs, slabs, fences, fence gates and pillars.

Concrete Mod


Condensed Block Mod Reborn

Condense Blocks and store your World in one Chest :)

Condensed Blocks by CNBKirk

A mod to condense blocks that clog up your storage!

Condenser Values API

An API that handles the ids and values for the condenser. It comes preloaded with values for minecraft, IC2, BOP, TConstruct, and Backpacks!


Enter short description here

Conege TTS by spiral6

A TTS mod for Minecraft.

ConfessorBoy's MultiMod by ConfessorBoy

Config Checker Mod by Matthew Ringrose (matt_r__)

A mod that runs as minecraft starts, checking if the game is configured correctly. Made in mind for Modpacks where the author can check if Minecraft is setup correctly.

Config Patcher by Lunatrius

Override default configs with 'patch configs'.

ConfigUpdater by IAmTheWolfie

Automatically updates the config, like magic!

Configable Item and Block Creator by Zombiedude347

A basic mod allowing the creation of basic items and ores. All done with configs and Resource Packs

Configurable Beacons by Ephys

Customize how beacons work.

Configurable Cane by gigaherz

Lets you tweak the growth of sugarcane.

Configurable Health by kandivia

Adjust Player and Mob Health Via Config File