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Crundee Mod by Wartrash1111

A quick mod in prep for Sky Factory 2.0


This is the testing version #1


Official Crusades Mod!

CryNet by uCryptic

Adds various new items and blocks to the Minecraft world!

Crybaby by SnakeFang12

Go ahead, cry your eyes out. Maybe you can boil the tears into salt if you live long enough.

Crying Obsidian by ErrorCraftLP

Crying Obsidian was intended to be a block that can change your spawn point, but it was never added to the game. This mod implements this block and adds an item version of it.

Cryogenic Library by NovaViper

API for mods, meant to ease registering new things

Crystal Bearers by Lomeli12

Crystal Blocks by 19Spleen

Crystal Caves by Steelfeathers

Thrive in the infernal realm

Crystal Client by Spamdark, Daniel Peck

Plugin for running up Crystal Client (CC User required)

Crystal Orb Mod by ASHninja1997

This is a very basic but unique mod. At the moment It contains new tools, weapons, ores, materials and building blocks, but I hope to add on more items special features and enhanced game play.

Crystal Revolution

Made for Purpose but don't know which XD


This mod adds crystals and crystal gear to the game.




This Adds The Crystal Pic,Sword And Armour


Crystal Reborn

CrystalWing by DaftPVF, bspkrs

Crafted using 3 gold ingots, 2 feathers, and an ender pearl, this magical wing will transport you home!

smp transport magic opensource


You Have Downloaded The First Version Of Crystal World Mod! Thanks To MCreator I'm Able To Upload This Mod Onto Minecraft Forums!


A mod that adds Crystalix to Minecraft.

CrystallineMagic by tm1990

Crsytalline Magic is a crystal based magic mod.


Crystall Sword.. with dirt!

Crystallogy by COM8

Crystallogy is a mod which is based on crystals. You can use these crystals to construct tools and armor. You can also use your crystals to control / manipulate your friends.

Crystals by amadornes, therealfarfetchd

A mod inspired by Thaumcraft 2 seals!




Crystals take over

Cube Works by blueyu2

Adds custom blocks and items to the game.

Cube World by therealergo

Therealergo's Cube World mod. Adds a world type where the entire world is made up of different biomes, broken up into floating glass cubes.

Cube's Cube Blocks by Cube

This is my test mod. It adds several Cube blocks to the creative tab. With version 2.1 blocks are randomly generated, pickable, and solve when broken. Version 2.5 includes tools on a Cube Tab

Cube's Edge

Mod reprenant les actions du celebre jeu Mirror's Edge.

CubeEngine - ChopChop by CubeEngine Team

Chop whole trees down

CubeEngine - ItemDuct by CubeEngine Team

Transfer items via glass pipes

CubeEngine - Spawner by CubeEngine Team

Lets you move spawners

CubeLoader by KitsuneAlex

Custom modloader & lib for easier mod development


Version del More Gems para CubeGamer420.

CubePlacer by ThatGamerBlue

Places Chance Cubes on Twitch Subs.

CubicChunks by Barteks2x, Cuchaz, Razaekel

Extends Minecraft height by changing chunk size to 16x16x16 blocks.

CubicCore by cubic_control

Required library for cubic_control's mods.

Cucumber by BlakeBr0

Shared code for all my mods.

Cultivated Faeries

What happens when you binge on bees too much and decided faries, pixies & sprites are nice substitutes.

Cultivated Tech by EwyBoy

Congrats you found an Easter Egg! Screenshot this and send it to @EwyBoy on Twitter to redeem your reward.

Current Weather by KeBiN


CurryriceMOD by ieshi8892


Curse Silence by Zabi94

Removes or modifies the curse description on tooltips

CursorPosSaver by makeo

Save your cursor pos.

Custom Achievements by davqvist

Create custom achievements only by editing a configuration file

Custom Armor Skin

Ce mod permet la creeation d'armures en 3D entierement personnalisables.

Custom Backgrounds by lumien

Allows you to change the default dirt options background

Custom Crafting Tables by sokratis12GR, KewaiiGamer, TheDragonTeam

Crafting tables with a range of x*y scales, Use with CraftTweaker integration

Custom Crosshair Mod

Mod that changes the style of the crosshair.

Custom Cursor by DragoSFire

Replaces the standard mouse on your own.

Custom Cursor Mod by ATE47

Change your cursor.

Custom Cutscenes by GenDeathrow

Create your own story-line for your mod

Custom Flags by nerd-boy

Have you ever had an awesome design but wished you could show it off in minecraft? Well now you can in beautifully animated flags

Custom Greg Ore Generation by dohyun22

Generates Gregtech ore clusters.

Custom Interaction Sounds by zoonie

Add your own sounds to interactions with blocks, items and players with this intuitive mod.

Custom LAN Mod by CptHunter

This mod changes the way you've imagined LAN to be. It will change the gameplay you have with your friends by ways you never thought were possible.

Custom Main Menu by lumien

Allows you to edit the mainmenu using json

Custom Manual Tab by Vexatos

Adds a new tab to the OpenComputers manual which text can be added to from the configs.

Custom Mealery by rubensworks (aka kroeserr)

Configure your own foods.