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Modular Powersuit Addons

A mod which expands on Modular Powersuits' module options

Modular Routers by desht

Item routers with pluggable modules to define behaviour

Modular Tools by zerofall

Balance your own tools.

Modular Turrets by Poenjabiesous

All a man needs are meat ingots, and big ass turrets. Adds a heap of new turrets and upgrades!

ModularItemFrame by Shyrik

one frame - multiple modules

Modularity by TheCodedOne, Prospector, KitsuneAlex

Thermal Expansion style mod for Minecraft 1.10.2+


guerreros protectores

Moe Switches by bafomdad



This is an example mod


This is Original Minecraft MOD

Mog Mod by Daedricbunny, Waterdance

Custom mod for Waterdance's Minecraft server

Mogball Mod by Daedricbunny, Waterdance

Custom mod for Waterdance's Minecraft server

Moh's Mining by reteo

Rearranges harvest levels to approximate Moh's Scale of Hardness. Conflicts with both Common Ores and Tool Repair, but provides the features of both. Also provides obsidian tools and armor. This mod was loaded by Javascript MOD Loader

Molecular Expansion by AlasDiablo

Make science with atoms in minecraft.

Molecular Gems by MoreThanHidden(John816)

A mod where magical energy meets mechanical use.


added tools and weapons


This is an example mod

Monobiome by minaduki

New World Type


A mod containing a load of kickass stuff

Monster Girl Mod

Added monster girls and crazy mobs .

Monster Hunter Frontier Craft by Heltrato, Karseus, Shaduun, Aleksandair, NightCrow, Dorian, Joakim

Inspired by Capcom's MHF Series , Extreme Mob Hunting Adventure.

Monster Spawn Core by TheModdersDen

the core code provider for the monster spawn mods

Monster Spawn Highlighter by Lunatrius

Highlight all blocks where monsters can spawn.

Monster Spawn Overlay by Ergt

Show mob's spawning area.

Monster Spawner Recipe by Red Shogun, MCreator

Monster Swarm by Keray

Super aggressive monsters

MonsterApocalypse by minaduki

Monster of the Dead

Moo Fluids by TheRoBrit

Adds dynamically generated cows to the world, that give different fluids when right clicked with a bucket (or fluid container)

Moolands by 115kino

A mod created by Kingbdogz (Founder of Gilded Games) and

Moon Mod by nanorover59

Based on sutr90's Moon Mod.

Moon Mod by nanorover59

Based on sutr90's Moon Mod.

Moon's Core by SoggyMustache

Core Mod For SoggyMustache's Mods

MoonOfMining by Bennyboy1695

Creates a moon as a mining dimension for the galactic science 2 official server!

MoonTools by Moonpaw, Kerocat

Some nice tools, drinks, recipes and flowers for MC 1.7.10


My first mod with techne blocks and more stuff.

More Alloy Mod by Danielshe

This Mod adds a lot of different alloys to find and craft!

More AntiCheat by R__

Anticheat mod for 1.12.2

More Anvils by The_Fireplace

Adds more anvils

More Armor by BSteurful

This mod adds armor for all the minable valuables in MineCraft.

More Armor and Tools Mod by Seanboyy

Adds new upgraded diamond, emerald, obsidian, and hybrid type tools and armor.

More Avaritia by TheUnderTaker11

Adds recipes for more creative items to avaritia, as well as a few new ones. Mass compatibility attempt.

More Bees by lach_01298

Adds more bees to forestry

More Biomes by RollingThunder, Aoku, MCreator

Adds Biomes to the Overworld and a New Dimension

More Blocks Please by Acness

Many new blocks.

More Bores! by Flenix

6 new bores for Railcraft's Tunnel Bore

More Buckets by BlakeBr0

Adds a bunch of new buckets.

More Cauldrons by Mrbysco

Adds more cauldrons to the game.

More Charcoal by al132

Adds a few new charcoal based items and blocks

More Chickens by GenDeathrow

Adds Tinkers Construct and Draconic Evolution chickens for Chickens Mod

More Chinese Minecraft by shp241

A Minecraft 1.10.2 Forge Mod that makes your minecraft much like China(in many ways)

More Chisels by TehNut

More chisels for Chisel-2

More Colors by Cato, MCreator

A little mod about colors

More Commands by MrNobody98

Mod to extend Minecraft Commands

More Crafting

Adds crafting recipes for uncraftable items and blocks.

More Crafting Recipes Mod by Manslaughter777

This mod adds more crafting recipes in Minecraft. This mod also enables you to craft things that are creative only, items you can't obtain in survival, items which require silk touch and much more.

More Crafting Recipies by Sachro, MCreator

adds recipies for uncraftable items

More Creeps And Weirdos Reborn by RickWeek

A Reborn of More Creeps And Weirdos

More Creeps And Weirdos Unofficial by Astromojang, elias54

The unoffical update to More Creeps and Weirdos is finally here!