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Mystcraft Info by Veovis Muad'dib

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Mystcraft JEI Plugin by heldplayer

Adds JEI integration for Mystcraft

Mystcraft Tooltips by Veovis Muad'dib

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Mystcraft Turtle Upgrade by zeeZ

Turtle uprades for Mystcraft

Mystery Gift by Pixelmon Development Team

Mystery Gift


made by 十粒普拿疼

Mystic Divination by HalestormXV

Divination is the attempt to gain insight into a question or situation. A mystic believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect. Shall we begin?

Mystic Mod by Gareth Coles

Collection of tweaks for the Mystic Minecraft server

Mystic Ores by oitsjustjose

A Mystical Revamp to the Ores in Minecraft!

Mystic Ores by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds ores into the Nether and Overworld

Mystic Ruins by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Magical structures to explore in your minecraft game!

Mystic Ruins by oitsjustjose

Magical structures to explore in your minecraft game!

Mystic Stones by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds stones into selected worlds

Mystic Stones by oitsjustjose

A Mystical Variety of Stones and Other Blocks!

Mystic World by oitsjustjose, GotoLink

Adds a lot of stuff related to the other mystic mods

MysticPigBOSS by TheXotix, MCreator

It adds a very powerfull pig boss

Mystical Agradditions by BlakeBr0

An addon for Mystical Agriculture.

Mystical Agradditions Compat by NicJames2378

Implements compatibility for Mystical Agradditions tier 6 crops in the Immersive Engineering Garden Cloche. To use, simply put the corresponding crux beneath the seeds where dirt would normally go.

Mystical Agriculture Tiered Crystals by Ilovepie220

Adds Tiered crystals to Mystical Agriculture.

Mystical Crops by swordkorn

A mod aimed at offering farmable resources and magical content!

Mystical MFR Compat by BlakeBr0

Adds Mystical Agriculture/Agradditions support to MineFactory Reloaded.

Mystical Mechanics by BordListian, elucent

Simple mechanical energy, formerly a part of Embers

Mystical Retribution by JakeWJ_Hood

Mystical Agriculture Backported.

Mystical Tools

Adds a ton of new Magical weapons and tools, including an Ender Sword, a Wither Sword and a Pickaxe of Light!

Mystical Tools Mod by Proxerater, MCreator

This mod is quite different from others.. Explore it for yourself.

Mystical Trinkets

Adds Amulets, Belts and Rings that give you special effects.

Mystical Wildlife by Lykrast

Adds various imaginary animals to the world.

Mystical World by Elucent

Adds a couple nice mobs to your world!


This Mod Is Insane


The Mytheral World Awaits...

Mythical Minecraft by ZOOMTURD

Adds cool mystical stuff to minecraft

Mythical Realm Mod by StrangeOne101

A wonderful realm filled with candy, death and ice!

Mythical Swords by Dark_Suicune by Dark_Suicune

This mod allows you to craft and find more sword, some with abilities!

Mythril mod

End game tools from Mithril


And another Alpha before release XD

N-Craft by SeiA, Michael, KidKobon, Meghana

This mod adds a new power system NP (N-Points) and some tweaks to Minecraft and Mods

NABanMod by 914554688wyt

NABan Support MOD

NBS Player by Le Duy Quang

A simple mod by Le Duy Quang that plays note block sounds.

NBS Recorder by leduyquang753

Records note block songs and save them as NBS files!

NBT BOOM by a08381, BakaMihu(Source)

BOOM Server By NBT Exploit

NBT Tooltip mod by ZaBi94

Shows item NBT in tooltip when F3+H is enabled

NBT Tracker by allout58

Tracks the NBT data on ItemStacks and logs discrepancies.

NBTPeripheral by MakerTim

NBTPeripheral, reads nbt as a peripheral.

NCCStuff by Wuppertaler93

Mod zur Erweiterrung fuer das Modpack New Castol City RolePlay.

NEI Addon for the "The Lord of the Rings" Minecraft Mod by Crafted_Mods

This Mod/Addon adds NEI support for LOTR MC Mod

NEI Easy Search by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese

NEI Easy Serach by pdos_95

Easy to use search in Chinese

NEI Forestry Plugin by smbarbour

Adds Forestry shaped crafting (i.e. Multifarms) handler to NEI

NEI Integration by tonius11

NEI handlers for all of the mods, one at a time.

NEI Mystcraft Plugin by heldplayer

Adds Mystcraft objects to NEI.

NEI Plugins by mistaqur

Mod for NEI that reveal some information about Bees/Trees breeding and products. Also adds [?] button support for alternate crafting tables from many mods

util addon

NEI Recipe Handlers by Crafted_Mods (a.k.a. The_Ranger_Malvegil or just Malvegil)

This Mod adds an extended recipe handler API for NEI

NEIlootbags by Gigabit101

Adds Lootbags loot no NEI


Create By JacketCh

NEoA by Mowmaster

Tweeks for NEoA