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No Time Fix by CanVox

Because who has time to debug?

No Tree Punching by AlcatrazEscapee

A small mod to make the first day or two of play more believable. Adds a few new tools and early game resource gathering.

No Village by OlivBEL

Simple mod to disable villages generation

No World Gen 5 You by Darkhax

Allows various structures to be disabled.

No-Holds-Barred Halloween Mod by §6Kodaichi§r, §6csb987§r

§7A revival of the §6No-Holds-Barred Halloween Mod§7, originally written by §6Kodaichi§7 for Minecraft Beta 1.8.1§r

No. Lives by bright_spark

Hardcore but with a set amount of lives and some extra features!

NoCloseMyGui by ConorTheDev

This mod prevents servers from closing all GUIs apart from Chests.

NoCtrl by Wyn Price

Adds keybind sets to allow for easy management of keybinds.

NoDestroy by Mgazul

No Destroy.


A mod to help people with motion sickness feel less of it playing Minecraft.

NoF3 by CreeperShift

Removes the F3 debug screen.

NoFOV 1.7.10 by Ytt

Prevents FOV multiplier change when using speed/slowness

NoFog by Virtuoel

Simple mod to disable all types of fog.


See invisible players

NoItemDespawn by PT400C

This mod gives the user the ability of modifying item-despawn on server- or clientside.

NoLag by jackyliao123, lolzballs

NoMoreNerdPoles by Gigabit101


NoMoreRecipeConflict by stimmedcow, GotoLink

Switch between conflicting recipes

NoMoreRecipeConflict by stimmedcow, GotoLink

Switch between conflicting recipes

NoMoveInventory by Nucha

Inventory doesn't move even if you have a potion effect.


This is an example mod

NoSlow by Lemons

Allows you to turn off the slowdown when using an item!

NoSwim by xxxzzzmark

A mod that removes the ability to swim.

NoXray by thomas15v


Noah's Chocolate! by deerangle

This is Noah's Chocolate mod. It adds a total of 54 Chocolate Bars with unique effects.

Noah's Junk by noahc3

This mod is basically a sandbox where noahc3 tests random ideas which could potentially be expanded upon in their own independant mods!


Nocxi Power Mod

Noel Mod by YourmMediocrePal

A Christmas mod. [WIP]


This mod is in alpha

NoggsCraft by NoggsCraft

NoggsCraft with different blocks and items

Noire Magic by Spirit


Nokia3310 Modu (Batuhan Celik)

Minecraft Nokia3310 Modu

Nomadic Tents by sky01

Pocket dimensions -- set up your tent and keep everything in it!

Nomagi by TehNut, InsomniaKitten

Nomisma by Ferreus Veritas

A simple currency mod.

Non be Gon by Sk1er

Hides chat so you don't see non donors

NonEvaporation by Parly

Wanna farm in the Nether? This mod can help you!


Still in development but you can still use ie

Noob VS Pro by MorelPlay, MCreator


Noodle by Wyn Price

Adds a simple yet fun new worldtype, consisting of noodles


goes with more food mod

Nordland Suff by SuperSandro2000


Nerfed hoe

Norsecraft by kanethornwyrd

Be ready to fight in the north.

Northcraft by PixelPacker

Northcraft mod


Mod by Nosiphus to add The VoxelBox Scientific HD into its own mod

Nosh Mod

Adding in new Items, Blocks, Potions, Commands, and more!

Nosh Mod Zelda Expansion

Zelda Items, mobs, blocks and trading!


Minecraft Alpha/Beta compatible world generator

Not A Lib by NotAModder

Shared code for Minecraft mods.

Not Enoug Food by DarkHorseYT, MCreator

Are you like food? Yes? ENJOY!

Not Enough Items by ChickenBones

Recipe Viewer, Inventory Manager, Item Spawner, Cheats and more.


Not Enough Keys by Mr_okushama

A very simple mod created to clean up and organize the keybinds gui, organizing mods into their own category and sub menu.


Not Enough Potions

Adds ways to craft the potions from Potion Core through teh config files. Adds a mortar and pestle and a mixing cauldron, and also uses the vanilla brewing stand.

Not Enough Recipes (NER) by TojFunPlayer, MCreator

Not Enough Recipes This is a mod from TojFun, which adds to the game a host of new recipes.

Not Enough Resources by hilburn, way2muchnoise

Adds Resources and Mob Drops to NEI

Not Enough Roofs by blenderfan

We choose to build roofs in this Minecraft Version and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

Not Enough Roofs by blenderfan

We choose to build roofs in this Minecraft Version and do the other things, not because it is easy, but because it is hard.

Not Enough Scaffold by Alhetta, KorDum

Not Enough Scaffold

Not Enough Wands by romelo333, McJty

Wands, wands, and more wands

Not cool things! by AceOfCraft, MCreator

Mod will troll you every where!


Streaming codecs for various formats


This mod adds in more food for u to enjoy

NotEnoughIDs by fewizz

Extends hardcoded block ID limit.

NotEnoughIDs by fewizz, Player

Extends hardcoded block ID limit.

NotEnoughRecipes by Darkyoooooo

A little useful mod.

NotEnoughThaumcraftTabs by fewizz

Adds buttons to Thaumonomicon to switch between Thaumcraft tabs.

NotInMinecraft Mod by 01110111010 (Ben)

Mod adding unimplemented and removed features... that mojang STOLE from you! Need Help? Go to the post!


This is an example mod

Note Block+ by Atarius

Improved Note Blocks

Note Trail Mod by harogen_

/noteEx /noteTrail