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Banana Craft

Adding Bananas, Banana related things, and other non-banana related things


Enter short description here

Bananaa's Hammer Mod

Lots of hammer!

BandNotificator by Smt_Redstoner



§7 This is the bandana mod by Sp3d0. It adds bandanas in various colors which can be used as armor. For further information visit

Banner Loader by dmf444

A mod that allows for custom banners to be made


Not really much to see here...

Bard Mania by Aeronica

Play musical instruments and annoy your friends

Bark Books by oneandonlyflexo

A micro-mod that adds bark-covered books.

Barkifier by Tschipp

Barkifier adds a tool to grow bark on all six sides of a log


This is an example mod

Barrier Luxxy by SirLuxxy

Mod feito para a NetworkBlasting.


Now there are pretty barrier blocks in Minecraft that you can craft, and use to make something look, like its dangerous or noby may go in there!



Barriers by Stepan1404

Barrier mod.

Basalt and Marble by bestestdude

Adds back basalt and marble blocks from the good ol' mod of RedPower 2.


Add More Blocks Redpower 2


Add basalt for rp2

Base Defense

Provides a lot of weird stuff for wannabe world dominators.

Base Defense 2 by Akkarin

Protect, attack ... Wait what is ...? *BOOOM*

Base Gems by cyb3rkat

Base Gems Addon

Base Metal Golems by sky01

Adds Extra Golems made from Base Metals materials

Base Metals by Cyanobacterium (aka DrCyano), JRIwanek

This mod adds historically common metals to Minecraft

Base Minerals by cyb3rkat

Base Minerals Addon

BaseIO by FlatronEZ, deregges, J4kee


Basic Components by Calclavia, DarkCow, Aidancbrady, Micdoodle

Basic Components is a Universal Electricity core mod to be served as an entry mod for Universal Electricity. Basic Component's goal is to provide players with some basic utilities to allow UE mods to use a common recipe and provide basic ore generation.

Basic Logic by Sterling Mods, CJMinecraft

A simple set of basic redstone logic components.

Basic Logic by Sterling Mods, CJMinecraft

A simple set of basic redstone logic components.

Basic Nether Ores by cScot

Adds basic vanilla ores to the nether to include copper and tin.

Basic Pickaxes

A few pickaxes to stop waisting diamonds!

Basic Tools by pookerok, MCreator

Basic Tools mod provides early game tool option for modpack developers.


This mod adds tools and ores for now but it will add much things like food,plants,more useful items etc.


This is an example mod


cmd and uncraftable items


This is an example mod

Batman by colossali


BatsDropLeather by MorpheusZero

Bats drop leather and xp when killed, and something secret at night.

Battle Royal Mod by MrCrayfish

Adds in features that are similar to Fortnite

Battleaxe Mod by Xnet/Dentsor, RUBIDDXX, Popill, Oxey/Mineaworld, mira03, mr_burn

Flann Gaming's Battleaxe Mod.

Batty's Coordinates PLUS Mod for Forge by BatHeart

Incorporates Batty's Coordinates, Stopwatch Timer and Info display.

Batty's Coordinates PLUS 汉化by Ayou by BatHeart

Incorporates Batty's Coordinates, Stopwatch Timer and FPS display.

Baublelicious by DenBukki

Expension for baubles


Adding a touch of bling to Minecraft


Baubles Stuff

Let's add some Baubles Stuff!

Baubles Testmod by Jhary

Testing for working with baubles

Baubles-Hud by Gigabit101

BauerCam by Gregosteros

A frame time based camera path tool

BayaCoinMod by Cackbone, MCreator

Mode ajoutant des BayaCoin

Bayern Mod by Hawkk97

Bayerisches Essen, Waffen und Rüstung


Adds Baymax from Big Hero 6 into the game.


Big Hero 6 - Baymax


Наконец-то свершилось - Все ножи из CS:GO


Umm check out my channle

BeProductive by Kihira

Limits a players time to prevent you or them from slacking

Beacon Render Fix by RiskyKen

Makes the Minecraft beacon beam rotate smoothly.

Beam by UnwrittenFun

Transfer items between inventories using beams!

Beam Integration Mod by ExampleDude

This mod integrates into you game, tieing your in game chat to your channel chat, follower and sub alerts.

Beam Interactive by Kyoi

Interactive mod for JustAnotherBeamBot