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This is an example mod


Adds Drops from Hostiles in Peaceful.


This is a complementary mod for my modpack


This is an example mod


make monsters can only spawn in completely darkness (lightlevel <= 0) thus surface will be much more peaceful

PeanutsAndStuff by Mj11jM, Gigabit101

Pearcel Mod

A mod by me, MiningMark48, that adds pear-cel related stuff. They're pear-cels not pears! I guess you can say this was made for Parcel31u...

Pearl Block by Cordie, MCreator

Adds Pearl Block


Travel to a whole new dimension, Pearl Caves! Beat the boss and get the ultimate weapon!

Peck Mod by peck

This is Peck first Mod

Peckish by InsomniaKitten

Pecunia by Arfink

A simple craftable coinage mod

Pedalo Mod by Pavocado

A novelty mod that adds paddle-boats into your world.

Pedestal Crafting by Axieum

Provides crafting capabilities through the use of pedestals

PedoEden by TheElephant

This Mod Will Guide You Through The Darkest Places In Eden's Mind


This is an example mod


PeedyGuiMod for Minecraft 1.7.10-A GUI Based Mod1

PeelCleaver by Schr0


Peko's HarnessLead by pekolin


Peko's My Fair Lady by pekorin


Pendant Of Life by jmilthedude

Adds a single item that allows you to keep your inventory upon death if it is in your inventory.

Penguin's BattleCraft Mod by Penguin_ox7, HocMiner

New (Sometimes OP) weapons to use! For balance Hardcore is suggested!

People MOD by noranekokan, MCreator

People MOD

Pepe Mod by Veylkar

le rare pepe intensifies


This is the percy jackson mod.Rights of percy jackson go to Rick riordan and being able to create this mod goes to Plyo


This mod adds in stuff from percy jackson


This mod adds some of the weapons, food, and characters from the Percy Jackson series

Perfect Spawn by lumien

A mod that allows you to specify the exact player spawn.



PerfectSpawner by magl

Customizable living entity spawner.

Performia by Sk1er

Fixes a few things for a smoother and faster experience


This is my first mod, made it in less than an hour so it isn't very good

Peripherals++ by austinv11

A psuedo-port of MiscPeripherals

PeripheralsPlusOne by austinv11, rolandoislas

A psuedo-port of MiscPeripherals

Perk Mastery by Zabi94

Get cool stuff for levels

Permafrost by Virtuoel

Prevents light from melting Ice and Snow Layers

Permissive by CruzBishop

A plugin that provides advanced permissions via the use of Access Control Lists

Persistent Cake by InsomniaKitten

Simple mod that drops uneaten cakes as an item when broken.

Persistent Items by Noel Williams (Neometron)

No more losing valuable items, because all items stay persistent within the world by default; unless specified.

Persona Craft by NightOwl355

A mod that adds items, weapons, and mobs from the game series Persona

Personal Cars by Ktos94852

Get your own car in Minecraft!

Personal Effects by The_Wabbit

Captures your inventory to a special 'Personal Effects' shulker box in your ender chest when you die

Personalized Recipes by Xandayn

A mod that allows you or your server host to add custom recipes to Minecraft!

Perspective Mod by canelex

Toggle full-control 3rd person view of your character.

Perspective Mod Redux by BoxOfFlex

Remade version of Perspective Mod/Cheatbreaker F5 Mod


Mod creado por Anthonycraft

Pesium Mod by petitpain59

Mod pour le serveur pesium.


Bla bla bla

Pet Bat by AtomicStryker

PetBat mod allows you to tame a bat that will accompany you and help you fighting mobs.

mobs survival opensource

Pet Rock by Yunus1903, KakesRevenge, TheKayneGame, manmaed

A Mod about PetRocks --- Coding by Yunus1903, Idea and Textures by TheKayneGame, Textures and Fixing by manmaed, and some more Coding by KakesRevenge!

PetBlocks by Shynixn

PetBlocks is a spigot and sponge plugin to use blocks and custom heads as pets in Minecraft.

PetCo Foods

Mod made for The Cat Project (TCP) in 2014

Petroleum Generator by DrCeph

BC/IC crossover mod. Adds a Petroleum Generator that produces EU directly from Buildcraft Fuel/Oil, based heavily on SirSengir's Forestry BioGenerator.

Pewter by Ejektaflex

Tinkers' Construct Integration Addon

Pfaeff's Mod by Pfaeff, Vazkii

Pfaeff's mod adds 3 new blocks to the game. The Allocator, Light Sensor and Jump Pad. Originally by Pfaeff, ported by Vazkii

Phantasy by Yoh, MCreator

Welcome to folly!!

Phantom Craft 2 by LT_lrsoft

Phantom Craft 2


Phantom Metals

PhaseBlocks by Draco18s

Adds several types of blocks that can be toggled between solid and non-solid.


Hard as nails philium


The Philosophers Stone From ProjectE But StandAlone Version For Resource translations...