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Chocolate Survival by BCphoton

Better Than Vanilla!

Chocolate quest by Chocolatin

Improves adventure adding diverse dungeons ,mobs and loot


This mod add chocolate cake 8P


Mod that adds...Chocolate!!!


Chocolate Eat Mod 1.7.x

Chop Down Updated by Shovinus, Ternsip

Allows cutting down an entire tree in one go...

ChopDown by Ternsip

Falling logs and leaves when chopping

Chouzetu_Kawaii_Mikosan by fururin, NurseAngel


ChowTime by allout58, kkaylium, OynxDarkNight, YSPilot

Not just another food mod! Dynamic items and recipies!


This mod adds a new substance called Chrismonium, which can be used to make swords, tools, and even a new dimension. The tools are OP!

Christmas 3Dmodel

Christmas 3Dmodel adds new 3D models blocks

Christmas Festivity by MarcoPlay00

A Christmas mod for Minecraft.

Christmas Fun! by BlueyGames

Christmas in minecraft is boring. Not anymore!

Christmas+ by RolerGames, MCreator

Merry Christmas And Happy New Year!

ChristmasCraft by Newt_head

Holiday Cheer and Presents for All!


This mod adds a lot of Christmas sweaters!

Chroma by veeren07, MCreator


Chroma Chat by D3monw3st

Make your chat litty.

Chroma HUD by Sk1er, Tayber, prplz

A HUD for Minecraft offering many color and display options

Chroma HUD - Tayber 50k Mod by Sk1er by Sk1er, Tayber


Chroma Pixel by KevyPorter

A mod that has been made to make the hypixel experience better for players. Special thanks to palechip for some of the code in the mod :)

Chroma Pixel by KevyPorter

Best Mod.

Chroma Pixel by KevyPorter

Best Mod.


Enter short description here


made by Bakobgaming

ChromatiCommands by Funwayguy, covers1624

Alternative commands for ChromatiCraft

Chromatic Foliage by InsomniaKitten

A mod of a colourful nature

ChromiumCovered Mod by AlexL29

This mod adds in a new ore called Chromium!


This mod adds a new ore and it's tools and armour.

Chronos by mmelvin0

Change the length of a Minecraft day.

Chubs Mod by EveewazHERE

This mod adds many food items to Minecraft, perfect for anyone's inner chubs!


This is an update to the Challenge games mod for popularmmos


O Mod Do TazerCraft

Chunk Analyzer Mod by otter-in-a-suit

A mod to analyze your chunks for couple of ressources.

Chunk Animator by lumien

A small client side mod that animates the appeareance of chunks so that they don't just instantly appear

Chunk Edge Indicator

Shows the chunk boundaries as per Chickenbones' NEI feature.

Chunk Fix by Rivvest

Fixes chunk loading that causes world holes

Chunk Survival by jglrxavpok

Chunk Visualizer

Enable to see chunks.

ChunkByteMod by sourcemaker

ChunkByte Infinite Modpack, this mod is exclusively for the ChunkByte Infinite Pack

ChunkDeleter by SirWill, Slind, Xfel11

ChunkGen by gecgooden

Adds a command to pre-generate chunks


Some GUI enhancements.

ChunkLoaderZ by AEnterprise

Chunkloading mod for 1.8


Get rid of those damned orphaned chunks!


Chunkloader for Forge server

Chunky Peripherals by CR

Computercraft needed chunkloaders!

Chutes by Lykrast

Hollow vertical blocks to funnel dropped items or other entities.

Cicil's Weapons Mod by JayGhoul, and CicilStory

Cicil's Weapons Mod adds in hundreds of new weapons skins


Linkseyi's ModMaker


Batuhan Celik tarafindan olusturulmustur.


mod sviluppato da me

Circuitry by TheCodeWarrior

Factorio circuit networks in minecraft

Circuits Mod by bubble-07, spm61, littlegban

Downsize real redstone circuits to a single block! Push the limits of Minecraft redstone by defining circuit behaviors in Java!

City by quequiere

A chunk based land protection system that allows for players to set up complex claims and create civilizations.


This is my first mod! I hope it will be usable (sorry, that only for Polish, it`s only now)

CivCraft Anti-Cheat

Detects unauthorized modifications.

CivRadar by TealNerd

Radar mod for Minecraft.

CivRelay by Gjum

Civil War by Ninjapancakes87, EZIOSREVELATION

Recruit soldiers and fight on whichever side you want to! Confederate or Union!

Civilian Weapons by selrahc13

Adds weapons and items commonly found in a modern American home.


Civilization Mod by JanCrafter12

Civilization Mod

Villager & Civilization AI Expansion

CivilizationMod by JanCrafter12 (aka Janpoizz)

Civilization Mod by Janpoizz. Made on 15/04/2017

Cj Lamps by CjMS2103

New Lamps for your Minecraft.

Ckae by Tuomas, MCreator

Enter short description here

Claim Blocks by Jeckari

ClaimBlocks lets players create special region-claiming blocks. Regions can be named, and can optionally prevent things like breaking or placing blocks.