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Saiyan Invasion by 33kingkiller

A mod that adds a few new DBZ items / entities.


A mod that adds in many new things to the game!

Salmonium by Minettyx

Mod dei salmoni

Salradahn's collectibles by Salradahn

A mod containing various collectible items to spice up exploration in the game.

Salt Mod by WeaselBuilds, MrPonyCaptain

The one and only salty mod.

SaltAndAlabaster by defeatedcrow

Salt and Alabaster!

SaltyAdditions by canitzp

This is an Addon Mod for Salty Mod, that adds Food of ActuallyAdditions.

SamCore by samtrion

Base Library for mods written by samtrion.

Same Interval Torch

Same Interval Torch

Same Interval Torch by ecru

Same Interval Torch

Sams Mod

A mod created for the book Sams Teach Yourself Minecraft Mod Development in 24 Hours containing all of the basics of coding for Minecraft.


Este mod foi feito para as pessoas que gostam de construir!

SamsPowerups by Lothrazar


SanAndreasPs Manager Pack CORE edition by SanAndreasP

A helper coremod which is needed for all my mods.

SanAndreasPs Managers by SanAndreasP

A collection of several managers for mods. Includes a language manager, a config manager and an update manager

SanAndreasPs Mod Library

A library made for and required by all my mods.

SanchanCustomModOne by sanchan, MCreator

Enter short description here

SanchanCustomModTwo by sanchan, MCreator

Enter short description here


Enter short description here


Enter short description here

Sanctus by Arfink

A Catholicraft mod, designed for Newton



SandStoneItems by Tminor1

Adds snadstone tools.


Sand Stone Wooden armors tools and

Sandbox Mod II by Bitl

The mod that anyone can contribute to.

Sander Mod by Sand_er_Block

The mod thats not not a mod.



Sandro's Core by Sandro

Provides a common library of methods my other mod use for simplicity. Required for any of my mods to work.

Sandstone Pack

Adds Tools And Armor For Sandstone

Sandwich Mod by Exline

Add sandwiches to the game. Craft bread slices from bread and put together 2 slices with any meat.

Sandy Ores 1.12.2 by Peridot / MaincrafterDE, MCreator

Adds new Ores generation in Gravel Sand and Dirt also adds some new Ores


This mod adds some new ores in gravel sand dirt or stone

SangoMod by ExampleDude

Ki, Ki, and more Ki.

Sanguine Utilities by Alex_hawks

A few things for Blood Magic, that make things less tedious

Sanguis Naturae by Titanium237458

A Botania-Blood Magic crossover mod!

Santa Hat by DeathCry

Мод для новогодних праздников, c рождеством, ребят :3

SantaCraft by MinerCraftGuy

Bringing you a better Christmas Experience by adding the true Holiday Items to your Minecraft. O yeah, and you can also earn things .... *grins*


This is an example mod

Sao Health Bar by sahdsg


SaoFrMod by KarmaOwner, AtonHa

Mod SaoFrMod crée par KarmaOwner / AtonHa




This is an example mod

Saplings-to-charcoal by Partonetrain

Smelt saplings into charcoal.

Saracalia's Road Mod by Saracalia

Add Roads to your project!


This is an example mod

Satako by Alexiy

Shared library

SaturationOverflow by Zenny3D

Allows saturation to overflow one time until used up again. This allows saturation from food such as Top Tier meals in Pam's Harvest Craft to not have excess wasted saturation.

Sauce Construct by bagu_chan

SausageCore by Yaossg

Core For Yaossg's mod

Save Money by Nokiyen

Save Money adds same goods for saving your money.


Allows you to craft Spawn Eggs

SayItem by Zerthick

Display an Item in Chat!

SbFIX by Index


Scaffolding by Ferne

Built against Forge

Scaffolding by LogicTechCorp

A mod that implements scaffolding.

Scalar Utils 1.12.2 by Lemon Juice

Just A Bunch Of Utilties And Nonsense, From Scalar For Scalar & The Peoples

Scaling Health

Extra health for players and/or mobs!

ScalingGUIs by Spazley

ScalingGUIs aims to decouple all GUI scales, HUD scale, and tooltip scale such that any GUI can be scaled to the player's liking.

Scannable by Sangar

Scan the area for points of interest.

Scanner by Eladkay

Le Scanner.

Scarab's Missing Furniture Mod by ScarabCoder

Adds those little missing blocks to your game! (Credit to MrCrayfish for his tutorials)

Scare by Noppes

Use to scare your friends

Scarper by BinaryCrafter

The mobs have had enough of you attacking them