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Sword Craft Online by Phoenixx

Mod Created by Phoenixx. Discord: Phoenix#5518 All rights reserved. Copyright.

Sword Skills API by coolAlias

Common API for DSS and ZSS provides intercompatibility for third party mod developers

Sword&Shield by f04041

Add a Sword&Shield


The Sword Art Online Mod for Minecraft v. 1.7.2 by NaibafLP


New 1.4.0 Adventures!


Add New More Sword


Add 6 swords


This is an example mod


The four swords become the Aether...


SwordsAndThings adds swords and things


This mod adds swords and mobs


Without the special abilities

Syconn's Star Wars Mod by Syconn_modding, MCreator

Meet your favorite characters and adventure in custom dimensions and biome.


The Sylvver test mod

Symcalc by meew0

A mod that allows you to check the symmetry of Thaumcraft infusion altars.

magic util opensource addon

Sync by iChun

Sync mod, made for ModJam 3. Allows multiple player instances.

Syndaryl's Sledgehammers by Syndaryl

Block smashing sledgehammers for tunneling.

Synthite Mod by Christoph_45

A mod which introduces Synthite Material and much more...

System PhysicsCraft by Rumaruka

Industrials-magic mod.

Sythiex's Stuff by Sythiex

Adds a bunch of stuff


Better smelting,Magic Ball,more tools,more crafting recipes,more,more food and more armors!

T'sEmblems by tommyte

This mod contains some very cool items that you can find in a dungeon chests. They're extremely rare, so keep looking :P

T-Square Builder Tools by Giltwist

Precision creative building tools for single player Forge from one of the original devs of VoxelSniper



TBECoinsMod by yannis2707

Adds coins to the game!

TBL loader by Wyn Price

A mod used to load .tbl files as blocks.

TC Inventory Scanning by BlayTheNinth

Allows hovering over items while holding a Thaumometer to scan them.

TC Node Tracker by Dyonovan

Tracks scanned nodes for Thaumcraft

TC Research-Helper by Knoxz

Makes your Thaumcraft Research easy!

TC6 Aspects for JEI by ZaBi94

Find a list of items that share a common aspect

TCBotaniaExoflame by Matthias Mann

Botania Exoflame support for Thaumcraft's Alchemical Furnace!

TCFastCrafting by Dazo66

TC FastCrafting mod.

TCFastTrading by Dazo66 MC_Eden

TC FastTrading mod.

TConstruct Addon: +Steel by Toops

Now you're tinkering with steel!

TDK by NicosaurusRex99, MCreator

Thousand Degree Knife Mod



TE AutoJoin by Refrigerbater

One click of the join button is all you need! Sit back and relax while you wait to join full servers!

TEOreGen by BStramke

implements Thermal Expansion Ore Generation for 1.6.4

TESLA by Darkhax

A modern power API


A Simple upgradeable Modular Solar Panel which generates the new Tesla Power


Enter short description here



TF Simply Magic

A Mod that adds a simple magic system.

TF2 Dispenser by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Dispenser to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Items by Teotw

Health and Ammo Pickups à la TF2 in Minecraft. Built: 12/12/13 05:06 PM

TF2 Mod

Adds TF2 Items to Minecraft

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Sentry to Minecraft... yay!

TF2 Sentry by pitman-87

Adds a TF2 Sentry to minecraft

TF2 Stuff Mod by rafradek

Characters, weapons

TF2 TeamAddon by pitman-87

TF2 TeamAddon for Teleporter, Sentry and Dispenser... yay!

TF2 Teleporter by pitman-87

Adds TF2 Teleporter to Minecraft... yay!

TFC Animals Plus by ァ6Bletchァr

ァbThis mod adds the entities in the Animals Plus mod into TerraFirmaCraft ァa0.79.18.ァr

TFC Botania Compatibility by vidaj

Integrates Botania with TFC

TFC Crop Index by Peffern

This mod alters TFC's crops system to allow for easier extensibility

TFC Cupelling Mod by §6meltafire§r

§bThis mod adds additional refining by smelting recipies for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a79.20.§r

TFC Engineer by Fair

Terra firma craft engineer addon

TFC InGameWiki Addon by §6AnodeCathode§r

§bThis mod adds InGameWiki support for use with TerraFirmaCraft §a0.79.21.§r

TFC Metal Index by Peffern

Extend TFCs metal system for better extensibility

TFC Pewter by Peffern

This mod adds a Pewter alloy used in cookware to TerraFirmaCraft.

TFC Primitive Technology AddOn by Wahazar, aleksey

�bThis mod adds Slinghot and advanced leather and paper processing for use with TerraFirmaCraft �a0.79.29.�r

TFC Progressive Pack Helper Mod by �6Wahazar�r

�bThis mod is designed to work together with TerraFirmaCraft Progressive Pack �a0.79.29.�r

TFC Railcraft Compatibility by vidaj

Fixes recipes and makes Railcraft usable with TFC

TFC Scales by Chogata, AcidMaker

Scales for precise food dividing in TerraFirmaCraft

TFC Seasonal Events by Zero_ui9

Adds configurable seasonal mob events, based off Don't Starve

TFC Tweaker by JAWolfe

Provides Minetweaker support for Terrafirmacraft 0.79.28.